I have covered politics as a reporter and run for office as a candidate, and I am amazed at what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are getting away with on the matter of “packing” the U.S. Supreme Court.

The last serious stab at this came in the 1930s when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt broached the topic in response to high court resistance to the New Deal.

The number of justices was set at nine by statute in 1869. It’s been that way ever since, but this year Democrats say packing is on the table as is adding two states to get more Democratic senators.

Leading Democrats have suggested expanding the court in response to the possible confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett as an associate justice.

Joe Biden, who has previously opposed packing, now plays possum. He says with a straight face that answering the question would create headlines. No kidding.

What it would do is offend either the far left or the center depending on his stance. It also would focus news coverage away from President Donald Trump’s woes with the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The news media seem content with this outrageous stance and outright refusal to address an issue that would be historic and fundamentally realign the federal system and the relationship between the branches.

“You’ll hear my position on court packing when the election is over,” Mr. Biden said Oct. 8 during a stop in Arizona.

Another who should answer is Tedra Cobb who would have to vote on a new judicial act if this is proposed.

Expansion of the court is a radical proposal. It should be addressed, and the media should put aside their contempt for President Trump and hold Mr. Biden’s feet to the fire.

Jeffrey Graham


The writer served for five terms as the mayor of Watertown and previously worked as a reporter for WWTI-TV 50. He hosts two radio programs on WATN-AM 1240.

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Jeff Graham is 100% right. The very nature of historical politics in America demands a measure of transparency that allows the voter to know what and who he is voting for. The rest of the comments in this forum are cover and concealment for a 47 year gamer who has manipulated people for his entire career. The puppeteers have apparently decided Joe can't reveal his plans.

hermit thrush

your insincerity is hilarious. was it a problem that trump didn't release his tax returns four years ago? is it a problem that he still hasn't? last night a voter asked him if he thinks roe should be overturned, and his answer was to punt because he didn't want to create a story -- virtually the same answer joe biden has been giving about the court.


You're full of shitt. Trump has lied tens of thousands of times to the voters. Now you're shittting yourself over NOT lying?


Your chutzpah & hypocrisy is beyond belief Mr. Mayor, what needs to happen, Mitch McConnell needs to give Merrick Garland a fair & impartial hearing before his nominee gets her vote.

Failure will lead to some pretty harsh consequences if Chuck Schumer becomes Majority Leader in 2021 including a full investigation of both Clarence Thomas & Brett Kavanaugh.

Within DC circles Thomas' wife and he are known as using the SCOUS as their personal cash register & ATM, the pressure that could come to bear on him would force a resignation.

As for Kavanaugh his perjury before the Senate Judaical Committee leaves Democrats salivating.

You want fair play and traditional Senate precedents adhere to Mr. Mayor, then adhere to them! The ball is literally in the GOP's Court.


Do you know what the definition of "literally" is? Doesn't appear so. Salivating? Taking down Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh? Please go to Canada, and quickly!


Canada doesn’t want us because we are so infected with coronavirus due to failed leadership by Trump. Or maybe you didn’t mean that literally.


You first, Comrade.

hermit thrush

republicans are set to confirm acb five or six days before the election. an astonishing power grab. there is no good reason for them to do this now instead of waiting.

hermit thrush

today republicans on the senate judiciary committee are violating their own rules to hold a vote to continue rushing acb's nomination forward. if republicans are willing to explode norms and rules in pursuit of power, then democrats will have no choice but to fight back if they regain power.


Mr. Graham, let me assure you that neither Biden nor Cobb will commit to packing or not packing the court. At this time, there are too many unknown variables for them to commit either way. When you're pressured to commit to something, and the variables are unknown to you, do you commit? Your demand that Biden and Cobb commit is aggressive and determined. It's also ridiculous.

"Expansion of the court is a radical proposal." No, it's not.



Are there any issues the writer would like to see Donald Trump address? Releasing his tax returns for instance? Yeah, I suspect not.


Yea Jeff... outrageous..... so hold off the Supreme Court appointment until after the election and this issue goes away.... take the position of Lindsey Graham not hold a session during an election year... hypocrisy and amnesia runs amok in politics on both sides... ""I want you to use my words against me. If there's a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said, 'Let's let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination,' "...


This is the weakest of weak tea. Biden actually is on record as being against the idea. Besides most people are a little more concerned that Covid infections are now crossing 50,000 a day and what’s Trump doing about it? He’s out holding superspreader rallies all around the country. Don’t worry, though. Trump’s immune. That’s all that matters right?

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