Fogel deserves seat on state Supreme Court

Judges make decisions that affect our lives. A judge needs to be a person with high ethical and moral standards. Someone with experience and knowledge of the law and courtroom procedures. One having the ability to apply the law and to understand how their decisions will affect those involved.

A judge needs strong administrative, oral and written communication skills. A person who deals with others calmly, respectfully, yet firmly. A judge should have a proven record of community service and involvement. We need a judge who sincerely listens to all sides, who is fair, thoughtful and has the courage to base decisions on the law.

On Nov. 2, we have an opportunity to elect an individual as state Supreme Court Judge who possesses and has demonstrated all these qualities. That person is Anthony Brindisi. As a lifelong resident of Oneida County, I am familiar with Anthony. As a retired teacher, I was witness to the positive impact Anthony had on my former students with his bill that provided alternative pathways to graduation. Just one example of many proving his ability to listen, evaluate and provide a just, equitable solution to all involved.

Anthony is an accomplished attorney. He has direct experience dealing with the problems and issues that face New York residents. It is this unique experience combined with his demonstrated problem solving, negotiating and mediation skills that make Anthony Brindisi the best qualified to serve as a judge. We need his abilities, integrity and experience on our state Supreme Court.

Katherine Wojciechowski

Oneida Castle

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hermit thrush

tbh it would be best for the public if brindisi runs for congress again next year in a newly drawn district. he can win!

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