Train-spotting in Potsdam attracts attention

To the residents of Watertown: Do you now realize that you have your own persona of Donald Trump in the person of Mayor Joe Butler? He should be very embarrassed by his abuse of a woman at a recent board meeting. [He told a woman at an Aug. 19 meeting: “If you’re not proud of the city or are ashamed to live in the city, move.”]

The city will be the winner when Butler leaves office. He should offer an apology to the woman he insulted.

James Tousant

Alexandria Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

I don't agree that "it's a valid sentiment."

And I'm personally quite tired of this sort of intemperate behavior. People in leadership positions should not behave this way. There is no excuse for this.

You do not have to be "proud of" a town to live there.

I doubt that most people in Watertown ARE proud of the town, although I would guess that most want to do what they can to make it better. In just about every town there are things that any upright citizen has every reason to be ashamed of -- racism, poverty, neglected properties, rude and unruly behavior.

The way that things get better is by everyone working together to make improvements. Not by having those in a position of leadership insulting and demeaning its citizens.

I am ashamed the the populace experiences such behavior from the mayor of Watertown.


With caveats, it's a valid sentiment, though expressed tactlessly. In this country we have the choice o where to live, if we can afford to move, and that means we should choose a place that suits us. That said, sometimes people are adapted to a place and invested in it, so when it changes they have a right to complain about--though they should realize that the seeds of the possibility of that change were already there all along. And there's nothing wrong with bringing constructive ideas from elsewhere; such is not unfair criticism but plagiarism (in a good way). But nobody has a right to expect their social environment to change for them, or to blame someone else when they are unhappy about what they can't come to terms with. Not when there are alternatives easily available. If the kitchen is too warm, ma'am, perhaps you would prefer the drawing room.


Good lord. Here we go...not always a butler fan but come on. This is absurd and just trying to start a controversy that isn’t there. Everyday we get some drivel of trump comparison to local leadership. Such baloney.

Holmes -- the real one

"If you're not proud of the city................???"

What kind of idiocy is this?

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