Stefanik will handily win the race in NY-21

Much residential wastewater treatment needs updating in Clayton and Jefferson county. This winter, I requested the Clayton Town Board to consider a sewer district in my home area, off Route 12 along May Irwin Road. Dangerously high water in both 2017 and 2019 called into question the use of septic and well water in many dwellings.

Later at another meeting, resident David Crandall suggested I research the Onondaga County Water Authority. It deals with some wastewater by testing septic on an annual basis, so water from Skaneateles and Ontario lakes is potable for Syracuse.

The choice(s): sewers and/or a Jefferson County water authority can deal with wastewater. All Jefferson County legislators and town supervisors, and our state and federal legislators along the Jefferson County Fourth Coast are aware of my wastewater updating concerns.

It will take a powerful amount of effort but ensure clean, healthy, swimmable river and lake water and potable wells. I prefer an authority for Jefferson County as the best and most expedient solution.

Fiercely independent year-round north country and snow bird river and lake residents love our freedoms. An authority could set the issue straight between homeowner and codes enforcing testing results. This would keep all to the same high, clean standards, mainland and island.

Sure, wastewater treatment is costly, but so are sewers. Imagine all the Jefferson County towns that could benefit: Ellisburg, Henderson, Hounsfield, Brownville, Lyme, Cape Vincent, Clayton and Alexandria Bay.

Fourth Coast residents, take up this issue with your supervisors, their boards and Jefferson County. Discuss the efficacy and ways we all can maintain the health and goodness of the lake and river. It is with the most updated methods that Save the River hopes to make available an updated wastewater guide applicable for just these situations.

New 21st century wastewater solutions may ultimately be wiser than sewers. Our river and lake deserve tender loving care.

These freshwaters are a precious commodity. Keep it them healthy, swimmable and ultimately potable.

Janet Burrows


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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