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My name is Kate Halleron Murphy, and I am running for the Canton Central School District’s Board of Education. I ask for your support in the Board of Education election on May 18.

I live in Canton with my husband, Dave, and our four children, three of whom are enrolled in the Canton Central School District. Maeve will be entering sixth grade; Mac will be entering fourth grade; and Daniel will be entering first grade in fall 2021. (Patrick, age 2, is a future Golden Bear.)

My primary motivation to serve on the board is a fervent belief in the power of a high-quality education that meets all students’ needs, regardless of background. As a BOE member, I pledge to focus on transparent and effective leadership; student-centered governance; mental health resources for students, teachers and families; and adaptive responses that will best meet the needs of our unique district, thinking beyond one-size-fits-all state and federal models.

Particularly after such a tumultuous 2020-2021 school year, I am committed to providing all students equal access to the education and co-curricular activities that CCSD offers. For example, there has been wide acknowledgement of the impact of unequal broadband access on student learning this year.

We now have the unique chance to use additional funding from federal stimuli on high-impact programming, and we must think creatively about how to allocate that funding in a sustainable fashion that distributes the benefits to all students. Our district’s efforts should dovetail with local, state and federal government initiatives to ensure that our students have the resources they need to fully participate in their own education.

I teach in the Education Department at St. Lawrence University and focus on issues in the U.S. educational system such as accountability measures and funding inequities as well as the practice and philosophy of teaching. I have thought deeply about education as a parent, teacher and Canton resident.

And while I think my experience will benefit the Board of Education, I am really looking forward to hearing the needs of our schools — as articulated by students, families, teachers and community members — and working with my fellow board members to meet those needs. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me as I seek your support in the Board of Education election on May 18.

Kate Halleron Murphy


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