I am expressing my sincere interest in serving the town of Cape Vincent as town supervisor.

I bring a number of unique skill sets that will help manage and control our town budget for the long term, help facilitate compatible growth and continue to search for new partnerships, grants and other outside monetary and intellectual resources. My high expectations, energy and strong leadership qualities will help our existing businesses sustain and grow and also help attract new private investment into our community, which will build on the overall tax base and sales tax revenue.

Regarding the Club Street Waterfront Development Project and the plan to purchase and remove Capt. Jack’s, the adjacent house and the boathouse in front, it’s nice to look back on all of those discussions and see that every decision and resolution regarding this project was passed unanimously with full support of each Town Board member. With the progress we have made over the last six years, I would like to thank Town Supervisor Ed Bender and my fellow Town Council members. I would also like to than Highway Superintendent Bill Pond and the Highway Crew, Nina over at the landfill, our assessors, our judges our zoning officer and all of the individuals who step up and serve on our Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Board of Assessment review, the commissioners on the Fire District Board and the Cape Vincent Ambulance Squad. Lastly, special thanks to Town Clerk Michelle Bouchard, Deputy Clerk Brenda Curtis and Clerk to the Supervisor Tina Maloney for their expertise and knowledge of municipal town government.

Everyone mentioned above, along with all of our town and village residents, is what makes Cape Vincent a safe, affordable and wonderful place to visit, live and bring up our children. I truly look forward to serving and working with everyone for the next two years.

And with your support and vote on Election Day, it will be as your town supervisor. I will continue to work hard, to ensure that all of the progress to date will come to completion for the benefit of everyone. Please get out and vote Tuesday! Thanks for your support.

Dan Wiley

Cape Vincent

The writer is a councilman on the Cape Vincent Town Board.

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