New gun laws will not affect mass shootings

If there’s anything more virulent than racism in this country it’s sexism. It was especially despicable in the Trump years. In early March, Fox News host Tucker Carlson ridiculed changes the military has made accommodating the 232,000 women (16.5 percent of total U.S. forces) who serve their country.

Displaying a picture of a flight suit for pregnant women, Carlson stated the military was becoming “more feminine. ... It’s out of control, and the Pentagon is going along with this. … Pregnant women are going to fight our wars.”

This highly insulting criticism comes from someone who chose not to serve in the military. No doubt those pregnant women would do a much better job defending the nation than does Carlson.

Carlson’s remarks were widely condemned by members of the U.S military, including many with combat experience. U.S. Marine Corps veteran J.D. Simkins tweeted: “I’ll never forget the day in 2005 when Tucker Carlson took control of a firefight … killing 3 enemies at close range with his M4. … Oh wait, that was 23 y/o Silver Star recipient Sgt. Leigh Ann Hestor.”

Maggie Seymour, a major in the Marine Corps Reserve who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, noted the difference between Carlson and herself: “My uterus has more combat time than you, Tucker.”

Like his draft-dodging idol Donald Trump, Carlson is nothing more than a loud-mouthed coward. The real tragedy of his sexist stupidity is that so many (most?) MAGA supporters agree with everything he says, even his berating women who serve their country in uniform.

George J. Bryjak


The writer served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 1964 to 1967.

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Carlson is a horrible person. He and Trump were born into fabulous wealth and for some reason the Right now finds that the most commendable action a person can take, being born a fortunate son. It used to be Horatio Alger was the ideal, now it’s Richie Rich.


You think Tucker is a horrible person because he disagrees with you. While you claim to not like the rich, I'm pretty sure you were a fan of anyone with the name of Kennedy. You sir, are a hypocrite and a bigot.

hermit thrush

tucker is a horrible person because of a long history of nasty behavior, such what's described in the letter.


I think he’s a horrible person because he’s beloved of horrible people as I pointed out elsewhere. Daily Stormer types watch his shows twice. The first time to enjoy it. The second time to get pointers on how better to present their message. He is a master at dog whistling, tho.

The Kennedys have nothing to do with this and you have no right to call me a hypocrite or a bigot. But then, maybe you’re looking into a mirror.


I have sympathy for the rich. Some handle it well. Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and George Soros come to mind quickly. Some handle it poorly. I certainly wouldn’t trust myself to have handled it well if I’d been born into wealth.

Carlson is spreading hatred. He doesn’t have to answer to me for it, tho.

Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God.” Amen.


tucker is a horrible person because of a long history of nasty behavior, such what's described in the letter.

Also, see his comments on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show most none of which are suitable to be repeated here. Carlson seems to have disgusting attitude towards women, as well as anyone with a skin tone darker than Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson.

Charlie McGrath

I spent 6 years in the belly of a B-52 and a combat aircraft is no place for a pregnant woman. That does not make her less but it is the realization that she and her unborn child should be protected during her pregnancy. Although it's okay to kill a new born after it is made comfortable. This woke attitude that any recognition of gender differences is just stupid. It is not sexist it is real life and unbeknownst to many, men and women are different. To the left everything is racist. Obama negated all that MLK did and drove this country apart. The left wants this country to consist of victim groups and not of Americans. This is another example. Biological men competing in women's sports is beyond reason. The end of America is near. At least we got rid of Trump.

Farmer Liz

Charlie McGrath: "Although it's okay to kill a new born after it is made comfortable." WHAAAT???

hermit thrush

this is deranged.


I would love to see ALL female units at the battalion ship, and squadron level as a test. No men to step up when a woman gets preggo. No men to carry fire hoses when a ship is hit by a torpedo. That is the only way to prove the effectiveness of females in combat in large numbers. It won't happen of course because this is all a charade of diversity. We will likely lose the next existential war. Mark my words.


Tucker has never served in the military...nor has his hero Trump... I guess that makes him an expert on military matters, at least on Fox..


Did Kirsten Gillibrand serve in the military? Does your logic apply to Chuck Schumer? I suppose no one can have an opinion about taxes unless he or she is a CPA. Go on and watch CNN, the home of Chris Cuomo, the decorated military veteran. We live in a country in which 1% serve. If they were the only people who were allowed to comment, you would be very disappointed. Most of them are conservative thinkers. Your logic is full of holes.


So no transgenders in the military... yea, that's leave white conservatives that watch Fox for our military.... and support Mr Access Hollywood.. who knew.. If my logic includes those mentioned .. I'm all in..


Your service years are the same as mine leading me to believe we are the same age. During those service years I did not have the opportunity to see a female soldier in uniform on or off any of the military facilities I was stationed at. There were 4, Texas, Mississippi, Alaska and Utah. No women at all but we were entertained at Christmas in the Aleutians by a group of USO players of which 2 were female civilians. When the show ended we all got to kiss one of the girls probably because the island, Shemya, had no women just male soldiers. I have always felt women should serve but not in combat. IMO women in combat units would distract male soldiers and get them killed.


I agree 100% on the combat issue. Are there a few women who can carry a 120 pound rucksack in a mortar unit when necessary? Very few. How about carrying on the combat mission when pregnant? You know, 25 year old women do get pregnant sometimes. Who picks up the slack when that pregnant woman falls out for a year? Is it good for a fetus to have the mother pulling 9Gs in an F-35? Of course not, but many of the proponents of women in combat can't fathom what 9Gs even means. Its all about who makes General rank to them. The point is the mission. The average man has more physical capability and less down time in combat than the average woman. It doesn't take a PHD or a study to figure that out. This is a game of numbers and averages. The Chinese are laughing all the way to basic training on this one. We WILL lose the next real EXISTENTIAL war if we keep this up. We haven't fought one of those since WWII.

Melanie in WA

What moronic garbage. Female troops are common in many other countries military. Pregnant women would be assigned duties according to their medical health, fitness. Same as their male counterparts.

You might like confirm your facts before making a fool of yourself. There are WOMEN in the Chinese Military. Traditional they have served in secretarial and communications but some Chinese women have joined jet fighter squadrons and combat troops.

hermit thrush

if you guys are saying that today's male soldiers are so weak that they'd be distracted by female soldiers alongside them then it would be hard to come up with a graver insult to the troops.


It doesn't work that way, Melanie. The female's fitness usually does not match the male's fitness in almost all circumstances. Thats why there are different fitness standards for men and women. Look up the term "equity". We are now working really hard to ensure equal outcomes, not equal opportunity. Equal outcomes, brought about by phony mechanisms like adjusting for six or race will weaken us. The best system is a pure meritocracy.

Melanie in WA

So because men can't keep it in their pants you think the problem is with the women? You should enlighten yourself and do a google of other countries having women in combat roles.

Yes I served. I believe every US citizen should be required to serve 2yrs in some capacity not necessarily military service.

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