Stefanik succeeded in securing airport grant

The cartoon on the July 21 editorial page is ridiculous. If you truly believe it’s one hijab-wearing member of Congress trying to destroy this country from within by dismantling the economic, judicial, law enforcement, etc., you’re blind.

And nobody is advocating open borders. That’s a lie told about one party by another, and perpetuating it makes you part of the problem.

Robin Johnson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Sigh...I have seen the whole clip from the 2018 video. She did single out white men but as usual...sigh....Her language was sloppy and left much to be interpreted. I wish these people would use their offices to get a seat at the discussion table rather than tweet away and single out an extremely small percentage of people who wish to do harm. Kind of like blaming all of Islam for the 9/11 attacks. But alas, we pick what side we wish to root for..


There is nothing in that cartoon that indicates Congresswoman Omar wants to destroy this country. However, if you deny that she wants to fundamentally change the country, then it's not the Watertown Times that's blind.

hermit thrush

what fundamental changes does she want to make?


How did you get that "she wants to fundamentally change the country" from the cartoon?


If by "fundmentally change the country," you mean she'd like to end racism and discrimination in general, I think she'd plead guilty to that charge. I'm sure you've had to endure some antisemitic speech and practices. My wife has.


But you can't do this by painting all white people as dangerous. The hypocrisy of this knows no ends. But in today's current political climate, we combat racism by using...wait for it....racism. Pathetic

hermit thrush

the good news for you is that ilhan omar did not do this. the right loves to gin up fake outrage over her, and unfortunately a lot of people keep falling for it.

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