Ian Clark praised U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s calling out President Joe Biden.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines encourage vaccinating correctional staff and incarcerated people at the same time to avoid outbreaks. Yet Ian Clark’s hero, Elise Stefanik, called the plan to vaccinate “terrorists” at Guantanamo Bay “inexcusable and un-American.”

She claimed Mr. Biden prioritized prisoners over U.S. citizens.

This is just propaganda from the north country’s “rising star.” The far right has been truly radicalized if they believe her.

Anne H. Johnson


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Would you feel better if rep Stefanik favored vaccinating prisoners and staff. I somehow feel you wouldn't. I am not going to agree with rep Stefanik on this one. I feel a need to protect our prison guards I know a few and live next to one. Rep Stefanik has make it known she is anti prison closure in our north country which includes her large district. Being anti prison closure and anti vaccinate seems to clash IMO. Being pro Guantanamo vaccinate was one of the gotcha's she is constantly nailed with in her district. She knows how to stay in the winning column and has my vote if she chooses to run again.

Pat Luppens

Rep. Stefanik is displaying her inability to think logically. There are 40 prisoners in Guantanamo. As for the rest of the incarcerated, every person who gets sick puts further pressure on a strained health care system.

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