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Being a city taxpayer, I feel that I have some skin in this game of golf club controversy in Watertown. Two things come to mind. First, a lease agreement has been upheld by the Supreme Court judge. So how can that be subject to the removal of parking lot, golf cart storage and septic system? All of this is a smoke-and-mirrors tactic being used by City Manager Rick Finn.

Secondly, I call into question the “letter of understanding” discussed at the most recent City Council meeting. Was this letter even discussed with the council before the city manager included it in court papers? Lastly and, in my opinion, most importantly is the question of why the city manager does not want to create a “hardship” for the Watertown Golf Club.

Where does it say that the city must support Mike Lundy’s purchase of the club? He has the lease agreement already. The added expenditures are a cost of doing business that were not anticipated or were simply overlooked. That’s his burden — not the burden of the city taxpayers.

In addition, I also feel the city manager has taken it upon himself to enter into the agreement without the consent of the City Council.

How dare he take it upon himself to do this! Who works for whom? Or does he feel he has the supreme power to run the city without the representation or opinion of elected officials?

Every time I read an article about this situation, it is Mr. Finn who is deciding what to do. His actions degrade the sitting council. He completely ignores the council’s requests for implementation of what they want to do.

Therefore, let me say I have nothing against Mr. Lundy or PJ Simao. They are businessmen who take the risk as businessmen of their stature. The city should not be on one side or the other on the issue of encroachment. It’s simple: Reclaim that portion of land that belongs to the city, re-sod and re-seed.

Leonard G. Spaziani


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