There is trouble right here in river city. Clayton has a trash problem in the 21st century!

I previously had the most wonderful neighbors of Larry and Anny Aubertine, who both passed a couple of years ago. There was never a problem about anything. I truly miss them.

Today, renters have moved in. They are of the young and restless age group with no families.

Right away, they started parking on and littering my property. I had to pick up litter and refuse every morning for five months before I could get permission from zoning to put up a snow fence to block some of the barrage of litter.

The tenants are now putting open trash outside the house in the backyard, which is drawing rodents and vermin large enough to spread trash around. After contacting the twice about the trash and vermin problem, Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Richard Ingerson called and abruptly informed me that there is no ordinance for proper outside trash containers with most municipalities to prevent these problems.

He stated all he can do is write a letter. So that is it! No recourse!

The city fathers are spending $17 million on beautifying the downtown waterfront but still allow open uncovered filth and rodent rookeries only blocks from the river. Go figure! I used to think this was a pretty good community, but I’m starting to have doubts about that.

Edward L. Barlow


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