Storie has talent to serve as county judge

In a few weeks, U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, her Republican colleagues and President Donald Trump are counting on the U.S. Supreme Court to deal the final blow to the Affordable Care Act; 20 million more Americans will lose their health insurance! Why destroy the life-saving ACA?

The president and the first lady have contracted the novel coronavirus! Hopefully now he’ll change his mind. What do you think he’ll do?

Also, we’re now at a perilous crossroads for our Social Security and Medicare programs. By executive order, Mr. Trump eliminated the payroll tax. Abolishing this tax is how the Republicans intend to “kill” these programs.

Mr. Trump is their “dream president.” He’ll jettison the funding and privatize the programs. He promised, “If I’m re-elected, I’ll make these tax cuts permanent.”

Social Security is a lifeline for many of us. When my husband passed away at age 44, my children were teenagers. They received Social Security survivor benefits, keeping our family financially secure.

Families need this protection when facing dangerous times like deaths in the family or the coronavirus pandemic. We must elect candidates such as Tedra Cobb and Joe Biden, who will protect Medicare and Social Security. Elise Stefanik will help President Trump eliminate our health care insurance and Social Security.

I’ve known Tedra for decades. She’s smart, compassionate and determined to protect critical safety-net programs like Social Security and Medicare. Tedra supports our active military, their families and our veterans.

We can count on Tedra’s honesty, fairness and independence. She listens.

She’ll do what’s lawful. Tedra is totally opposite from Elise who is laser-focused on her career advancement and unequivocally devoted to her president.

Your vote will have consequences! We must elect Tedra Cobb who will protect the ACA, Medicare and Social Security.

Janice Charles

Three Mile Bay

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