Through the years, I have voted in many elections. I have never felt compelled or browbeaten into voting for one candidate over another.

Once people go into a voting booth, they vote in a way which they believe represents their best interests. Inside the voting booth, in America, there is no pressure from others.

In NY-21 this year, we have a great opportunity to express our opinion and our choices are stark opposites. One candidate, Tedra Cobb, has served her community and the broader north country region with compassion, dedication, conviction, empathy and innovative ideas about how to improve our quality of life. She is known on the streets of towns and rural roads of all of the communities in the district. She is one of us. She recognizes us and she knows and cares about our issues and our people. Tedra Cobb is in solidarity with us and our concerns are her concerns.

Her opponent has no sense for the needs of the common person of NY-21. Her fundraising is from out of the district. She cow-tows to Sen. Mitch McConnell and a president who care nothing about the needs of this rural district. She is a cardboard figure placed as an angry, mean-spirited defender of the president and his agenda, which serves the president’s needs but not the needs of our district.

I ask the voters of NY-21: Please look into your hearts and not at your party affiliation. Support the person who is one of us, is known to us, who will advocate fearlessly for us. Please take this election seriously because only one candidate can go to Depeyster or Dickinson Center or Cadyville and call people by name. Only one candidate can drive her own car to Rossie or Hogansburg and attend the meeting at the fire hall or the American Legion. Only one candidate dares to hold an open meeting where anyone and everyone are invited. Only one candidate has the support of the one dollar and five dollar donors from throughout the district.

I am proud to be from NY-21 and have lived here all of my life. We have been poorly represented in Congress for six years. I will vote for and support Tedra Cobb, and I ask you to give her candidacy your consideration. We deserve better than we have had. We are better than that.

Lawrence Casey


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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And we have the right to vote for who we want. One issue with the letter...Cobb has PLENTY of out of district funding coming in. To bring it up and not question both if this an issue to the letter writer is....hypocrisy. I hope for a spirited professional campaign from both.


Instead of relying on vague concepts like PLENTY, I checked Open Secrets.

Stefanik has 5.7% from within CD-21 and 79.8 % from outside the district.

Cobb has 23.8% from CD-21 and 67.9% from outside the district.

In the interest of using real numbers and eschewing false equivalence.




That 5.7% looks kind of paltry like the writer said. It’s almost like Northern NYers don’t love the GOP star enough to fund her campaign. Don’t worry though. Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, UBS, United Technology, Amazon, Price Waterhouse and many other corporations have purchased her vote. They know she’s for sale. Look how she sold out to Trump.






Excellent letter. I couldn't agree more. The choice this year is very clear. I'm going for decency and honesty and to have someone who would represent her constituents, ALL of them. Tedra definitely has my vote.


We deserve better than we have had. We are better than that.




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