Like most rural north country people, I either raise or hunt for most of my food. In doing so, I have amassed quite a collection of spices. So when I saw Tedra Cobb’s article about growing up with Chicken Surprise, I thought about all the things I eat that requires extensive use of those spices.

Then reading further, I found a statement of hers that made the rest of the article unpalatable. In the article, she said she was being “fiscally conservative.” Luckily, I didn’t have a mouthful of Chicken Surprise to choke on.

Thinking back to Tedra’s days on the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators, I wondered about where her fiscal conservatism was. I wondered where the fiscal conservatism was when she was part of a Democrat majority that ballooned the county government to more than 1,500 employees.

I wondered where the fiscal conservatism was when she spearheaded the project labor agreement on the county jail. Because the PLA not only cost an extra $660,000, it also prevented two companies from bidding, and they were $1.5 million lower. Was it also fiscally conservative when she helped create a $60,000 county job for a Democrat department head’s fiancé?

I could go on, but I’m sure your stomach is getting as sour as mine. So while I have many spices that could dress up a Chicken Surprise, I’m sure that once the voters truly look into Tedra’s fiscal conservatism, they will know there will never be enough spice to make the crow she’s going to eat in November tasty!

Russ Finley


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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"Like most rural north country people . . . ."

We do?

hermit thrush

Scott Lincicome

"The top Republican on the House Agriculture Committee said on Wednesday another farm bailout program would be needed this year if the agricultural export boom the Trump administration has promised doesn’t arrive soon."
11:29 AM · Mar 4, 2020

hermit thrush

make no mistake, this is what "fiscal conservatism" actually means to the russ finleys and elise stefaniks of the world.


President Trump and Elise Stefanik have made the largest Federal budget deficit in American history. Record spending, and 12 billion in welfare for farmers that are hurt by Trump's idiotic policies.

Congratulations Russ Finley on supporting candidates that have made our Federal Budget deficit a record high. Fox News turns men's brains to mush to the point where they aren't afraid to look like fools in public.


You're absolutely right. Republicans are only fiscally conservative when dems spend money.


Yes. This from the party that preaches "fiscal responsibility" ad nauseam and excoriated Pres. Obama's administration for inflating the national debt while fighting off another Great Depression (caused, again, by the GOP). Amazing hypocrisy!

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