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Like many of you, I have been watching the 21st Congressional District election campaign between Tedra Cobb and her opponent [U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik].

Unlike most of you, I personally know Tedra Cobb.

I served as a St. Lawrence County legislator alongside of Tedra for eight years.

During that time, she worked hard to benefit all the people in our county regardless of social or economic position, color, race, age or political affiliation.

We lost a strong advocate when she left to pursue her business.

Over the years, I have watched this young woman develop and enhance her strengths becoming a more thoughtful person with the steadfast ability to carry our voice to Washington.

She has lived in our mostly rural area and knows our needs intimately.

Tedra has increasingly impressed me with her ethics and her desire to listen and to make every effort to remain true to her north country roots. I am proud to call her my candidate for NY-21, and I do so with my full trust and support.

Sallie A. Brothers


The writer is a former member and chair of the St. Lawrence County Board of Legislators.

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Vote tedra


I know Tedra will work hard and do what is right for all the people NY 21st. Tedra will not just follow blindly with some in Washington that has their own agenda and not the interest of the 21st District. Not like what is happening now. She has my vote.


Yeah, Democrats aren’t quite the authoritarian follower sheep that Republicans are. They have opinions apart from the Borg Collective. It was Al Franken’s misfortune not to be a Republican. He’d still be a senator.

Holmes -- the real one



Interesting take, KR. I see it 180 out from you. The Republicans are the only party showing any dissent on important votes. The Dems always march in lockstep with Pelosi and Schumer. It's the Dems who are acting irrationally as a bloc to cause and encourage chaos and anarchy like an Orwellian fantasy. The old song says, "Take a look at yourself and you can look at others differently."


They didn’t show much dissent on impeachment other than Romney. Pretty certainly going to cost Collins, Gardner, Tillis, Loeffler and McSally their jobs. They really shouldn’t have sacrificed themselves for Trump. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself. It’s always been Trump First, not America First.

Holmes -- the real one


Charlie McGrath

I'm disappointed that no one has mentioned something negative about Trump.


Why? So you can complain about it? Now you’re complaining because he’s not mentioned. No pleasing some people. You know who would be most upset he’s not mentioned? Him.


What else can be said, truthfully, about Comrade Donald Judas T, Putin's "Useful Fool" and Putin's "Personal Bidet", Chuckles?

Holmes -- the real one

Well, we have your comment.


I'm sorry but I can't stop laughing when someone brings up stefanik's name. There she is with her entourage at the Franklin County fair marching around the track tip toeing and sidetracking all the poop that animals were gracious enough to leave for her. Awww the poor lil princess!


Did you even sleep last night, rockdoper? Your posts are laced with idiocy. Nothing substantive that has anything to do with the article. The writer is on your side yet your drivel detracts from it. Try to talk beyond the echo chamber.


Is there a contest among NY-21 Republican stooges to act the most stupid? If so, I nominate YOU, Comrade Sh+ttBull. You pretend to care about substantive discourse while engaging in repeated, disgusting, ad hominum attacks on a poster in this forum. Is there a single Republican stooge who can present a RATIONAL argument, or are they required to act as stupid as the half wit fraud meister they are afraid to disagree with in public? Do you have any thoughts of your own, Comrade?


Q.E.D., LAW. No thoughts of his own in sight.


LAW (whatever you may mean by that), you are as unhinged as rocky. What did rocky say that was RATIONAL? I see you liberals like your echo chamber to be just that, otherwise you freak out and lash out. Cant handle ideas that differ from you, little child? What's with the Comrade thing?


Awww poor lil pitifulbull. Am I getting under your skin? I've apparently gotten into your head and boy is it lonely in there! [beam]

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