City should’ve redacted names from start

Tedra Cobb will save us from the efforts of sitting politicians who are trying to destroy Medicare. U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik authored a policy to turn Medicare into a voucher program. She voted to cut Medicare by $500 billion and raise the eligibility age.

In 2018, she voted again to cut Medicare by up to $239 billion per year. She did all this while taking large donations from the insurance and pharmaceutical industries.

Tedra Cobb has lived for decades in the region and knows us. She sees firsthand the problems experienced by so many residents. She sees the poverty, joblessness and exodus of so many of our young people to more economically advantaged areas.

Tedra Cobb cares about us, our region and our future. Tedra will work for campaign finance reform and does not accept money from corporate PACs or industries seeking to influence policy through their donation. Please vote for one of us — Tedra Cobb.

Ann M. Carvill


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Everybody uses scare tactics. But the "rioters coming to take your house" or "abolish the police" aren't really, they're a few unrespected radicals. The people coming to take your medicare really are. They're representing you in the government. And when you can't pay your medical bills I guess you can always sell the house...One boogeyman is imaginary. The other one is real.


Can't say I agree with that characterization. Chopping 1 billion bucks from the NYPD budget is not imaginary. Defending the police in Minneapolis is not imaginary. The rising crime rate in every major city is not imaginary. The guy who laid a haymaker kick to the head on a helpless man in Portland must have been "an unrespected radical". He must have been surrounded by unrespected radicals because nobody reigned him in. These are REAL bogeymen.


Chopping 1 billion bucks from the NYPD budget is not imaginary.

Whether they cut it or not the NYPD is not going to answer a call to northern NY. Crime has been decreasing in the US for decades.

It’s not defunding, it’s using the money to provide services that police are doing but are not trained to do. No cop wants to be a social worker.


Police departments aren’t turning a profit. That’s the excuse for killing the US Postal Service. Well, that and to turn the election into chaos.


KR, who said anything about NNY? You are a deflector extraordinaire!


And you, PB, are extraordinary at avoiding the point. I guess we’re both extraordinary then.



Don’t forget they’re taking your guns before defunding the police and sending in the Antifa Army.

Where’s the replacement for Obamacare that Stefanik ran on twice?


I think you might be an Antifa member.

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