We need Tedra Cobb who will represent all of us in the 21st Congressional District and will provide the checks and balances essential in upholding the principles on which our great country was founded.

A major responsibility of our U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik is to fulfill her role by protecting us from an administration and a president that base their actions on lies, humiliate others and defend Vladimir Putin rather than our allies. Stefanik refuses to call out for moral leadership. She defends a president who abuses the power of his office in order to win re-election, making a mockery of the White House and our Constitution.

While criticizing the governor of our state, Stefanik fails to mention the botched Trump policies that have contributed to more than 220,000 Americans dead from the virus. Now Donald Trump has COVID-19 and is irresponsibly opening up the White House lawn for a political rally, inviting many of his supporters. The White House is ours, not his.

We are better than that. Vote Tedra Cobb for the U.S. House of Representatives.

Lorraine Duvall


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Trump is inciting rightwing violence in states controlled by Democratic governors.


Oh yes. I hear his dog whistles all the time. Cut it out Krobbins. You are doing more to foment division with nonsense talk than Trump ever has.


You are doing more to foment division with nonsense talk than Trump ever has.

Right. Because my leaving comments at a thread at an upstate newspaper gives me the same reach as comments made by the POTUS. (Sarcasm)

Trump has encouraged white supremacists with his fine people on both sides in Charlottesville. His tweets to “Liberate” states run by Democratic governors. Telling the Proud Boys to “stand by.” Calling for armed “poll watchers.” Not only not denouncing the plot to kidnap or kill Governor Whitmer but attacking her verbally afterward.

You don’t refute any of this. You’re only response is to tell me to “cut it out.” I have as much right to speak out as you or your Leader. Trump doesn’t use a dog whistle. He uses a bullhorn and extremists hear it loud and clear. Are you in favor of Democratic governors being kidnapped and put on trial? Or being killed as a Plan B?


If you think Trumpism is a good plan for the future of the Republican Party good luck. The arc of history really does bend toward justice even if it takes a bad bend like the past 4 years now and then.

hermit thrush

krobbins is 100% right. when trump yells "liberate michigan!", people know what it means.

hermit thrush

just yesterday trump led a febrile rally crowd in michigan in chanting "lock her up" in reference to gretchen whitmer. sickening conduct, and so debasing for our country.


" A major responsibility ... by protecting us from an administration ..." This narrative that Trump has attacked NY 21 and Elise should don a suit of armor and challenge Don to a jousting match is some weird Dem fantasy yet is oft repeated. Worldview! Whose worldview is closer to that of the majority of men and women of NY 21? Elise's. Thats why she is our rep. Thats all we have left. You can't trust the press or the FBI. Our institutions are caving in. Who sees the world in a way that is likely to slow down the decline of our society? That would be Elise, not Cobb. And by the way, it is also Trump, not Harris, the far extreme off the left side of the road extremist.


If you think sending White supremacist militia out onto the streets is a good way to win women’s votes you’re likely wrong. Stefanik can speak out against it without donning mail and getting on a white steed.


Something like these would be nice:






Tedra +14

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