Cobb backs lower prescription drug prices

Tedra Cobb supports Medicare and Social Security. I know I’m not the only person depending on Medicare for health care and prescription drugs or a Social Security check so I can pay for food and keep a roof over my head.

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik loyally supports President Donald Trump, who says he’ll end the federal payroll tax that supports our Medicare and Social Security. Does this frighten you? How will we stay well without the health insurance and Social Security to which we, as employees, contributed?

Tedra knows the U.S. Postal Service is vital for us rural folks. It delivers our medications and Social Security checks. Tedra knows voting by mail is important to us.

Has Ms. Stefanik spoken out against her president for saying that voting by mail ensures an unfair election? The president has already requested his absentee ballot! It’s OK for him but not for you or me?

The words the president uses have power. But you and I have the power to prevent Trump and his loyalists from implementing their life-threatening policies.

Please vote for candidates who care about us, especially those of us who are most vulnerable. Tedra Cobb is one of those candidates. Please vote!

Janice Charles

Three Mile Bay

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Wow! Two great letters here today. The Post Star ran 5. They were 100% pro-Tedra. I know there is a Nostradamus Junior hereabouts who likes to say Stefanik is going to win by 14. Maybe her supporters lost their laptops or don’t read the “liberal media” or just can’t think of anything beyond the usual boilerplate.


I can tell you this, KR. I wrote a letter and it never got published. You can bet it wasn't pro Tedra. I wonder why You'll? You'll know on Nov 4th that Nostradamus was right.


If it didn’t get published why didn’t you ask them why? I have letters in the Post Star frequently. On occasion there’s been an issue with a letter and I’ve corrected it. I could spitball over why yours didn’t run after seeing some of your comments here. The best way to find out would be for you to ask them. Seems pretty simple.


I think the Nostradamus Junior is a right wing plant but let's face it the 21st is ignorant red.


I’ve been a North Country Democrat my whole life. So far. I’m used to disappointment after elections. I expected Hillary to win, but reading people whose opinions I respect I had at least some doubt in my mind. That’s what I don’t understand. Even with the polling such as it is Republicans have no doubt Trump is going to win. They’re, of course, going to listen to Trump whine until Doomsday if he loses.

I’d rather be realistic about the possibility of loss and feel more joy in victory than to be 100% sure of a win and then be crushed by a loss. It seems like a more mentally healthy attitude.

If my religion didn’t oppose it I’d offer to take some of that action on Stefanik winning by 14, tho.


LOL...this same strategy took place two years ago. Now Stefanik has been in the national limelight...been delivering funding to her constituents, exposed Schiff, etc...we will see. I think 14 is a bit low. I would bet the over. Cobb seems like a good person but her platform is typical leftist NY economic failure. Look where we are thanks to Cuomo and friends. We all get to vote how we want...that's a right and privilege and why we are NUMBER 1!. I hope for a well spirited race.


Once again the embarrassment some call a president is demanding citizens break the law to get him re-elected. The sad part is a large minority approve of it.

Airball55 showing up to vote? That's the best one I have seen here yet. Beat him...then let's see what Mr. Biden can do. He has close to 50 years of public service and very little to show for it so he certainly has some catching up to do. He also has some racist history to answer for....but will he be held accountable? My guess is sadly no. I say the race is 50-50

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