Like Trump, Stefanik offers empty words

I was disappointed in the opinion piece, “One (small) pandemic upside” (Dec. 5). The writer believes it is a great idea to judge people who are ill, that anyone who coughs in public should be sharply condemned.

I can think of at least a dozen reasons for a person to cough that do not involve the novel coronavirus.

Should we yell at a person whose asthmatic cough is set off by the person sitting next to them in the concert wearing heavy perfume? Perhaps the person has an appointment to see the doctor next week but does not yet know that they have a cancer that is irritating their lungs. Maybe people cough at concerts because there are elderly people in the audience with congestive heart failure.

People should try to stay home if they are sick, and they should cover their cough when they can’t help it. But the Watertown Daily Times should consider why it allowed the writer to be so mean to those who are suffering. The pandemic should not lessen our compassion for each other.

Martha Pisaniello


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I was coughing all summer. Thought I had Covid at first, but it didn't progress. But also didn't get better. Thought maybe a bacterial infection of some kind. Then I forgot to put antifungal footpowder in my socks one day and it went away. I was getting a lung full of footpowder every morning.


It would be helpful if the letter writer quoted the exact portions of the op-ed they objected to. I did look (unsuccessfully) to find the piece she was referring to. I half think she may be mischaracterizing something.

In any case, it would be helpful to quote from the offending piece.

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