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Will someone please explain to me, carefully, how it is President Donald Trump routinely violates the Emoluments Clause in his continued promotion of his properties by the White House detail?

Foreign dignitaries curry favor with him by always staying at his Washington, D.C. hotel.

Vice President Pence even sucked up by staying at a Trump property in Ireland that was on the other side of the country from his Dublin engagement.

And no one thought to mention the clause to Trump when he had the temerity to shamelessly promote his property to host the next G6 summit.

And, notwithstanding, is the tawdry promotion of Trump commercial interests by Ivanka while on state visits to China.

This seems to be an outgrowth of the ill-advised policy that a sitting president is not to be prosecuted.

This is code for the fact that spineless Republicans in Congress allow him to routinely and blatantly violate the law.

What kind of party will these quislings have left when Trump is finally eligible to be prosecuted as a private citizen after he is turned out in a Democratic landslide in 2020?

Kevin Brennan


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Holmes -- the real one

it is enlightening to read here the comments of one who makes clear that his/her impression of the Republican voting public is that they are not particularly mindful of the rule of law, uninterested in so-called "Christian" of family values, unconcerned about climate change and pollution but deeply moved by the possibility of lower taxes (at least for the richest among us), diminished regulation, the republican version of "health reform" with more people uninsured, as well as an immigration situation where children are locked in cages and American citizens are threatened with being deported for going about their daily activities while looking foreign. "

Locked and loaded" to run to the aid of Saudi Arabia is apparently the "America First" that this commenter assumes Republicans favor.



Real Holmes...inhale. Relax. It’s a discussion. This is exactly why I left the Democratic Party to be an independent. Your blind hate for a person screams irrationality. What I am saying....and the previous election proved it (even your blindness has to see this) is those topics are extremely important and it’s why trump is where he is. Sorry man, but climate change isn’t at the top of many folks list who have to worry about supporting a family, pay for college, etc. It actually can be a losing topic especially when candidates talk about programs that aren’t financially feasible (green new deal, etc.). I pray that the leadership of Schumer and Pelosi does not share your sentiment. They were smart in cutting off the candidates when they trashed Obamacare. The party has never been more in disarray. Sorry man but it’s the obvious truth. As of have no one who can win. The only person I would consider voting for is Gabbard. I do like her. Biden and warren are dead in the water.


Mr. Airball,your comments are constantly "locked and loaded."



Unfortunately for Kevin, the last portion of his letter looks unlikely. After watching the Democratic debates and searching for a centrist candidate focused on middle class issues and ultimately motivating voters I saw the same old drivel. Not sure at all about a landslide victory for the democrats. If anything it may sadly go the other way. The zany candidates and their leaders have not put forth a plan or strategy. People don’t vote for trump the person. They vote for the platform of:

1. Lower taxes

2. Less regulation

3. America first

4. Health reform

5. Border security and immigration reform.

Whether someone believes he isn’t effective or not isn’t they point. The opposition just basically wants to scream at each other, trump, or anyone they can call racist or whatever name fits that day

Bad strategy.

Holmes -- the real one

1) False

2) False

3) False

I imagine that some special commenters are just drooling with excitement over the fact that Trump is saying we're "locked and loaded" ready to defend Saudi Arabia.

"Whether someone believes he isn't effective or not isn't they point." (sic)


Poor reasoning. But thanks for clarifying your particular views.


"People don't vote for Trump the person. They vote for . . . ."

Hey, Mr. Airball, I have a great bridge I know you'll want to buy.


I am going to try to give you the benefit of a doubt here. You did witness the past election correct? Sigh...mark my words. Your blind hate is very common and will cost you the next election. But hey...maybe the Russians will make a comeback...speaking of bridges...

Holmes -- the real one

This is a common response from "Airball55" and, incidentally, from all of his previous comment aliases and iterations:

"....your blind hate...."

It's pure projection.

And we see through it.


"Blind hate"? Yup. That and fear helped to get Trump elected.


This occurs because republicans have no spine.

Holmes -- the real one

And no respect for the Constitution.


Isn't it amazing that they can stand upright? Totally failing their country every day :-(

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