To U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik:

How many more 6-year-old kids like Stephen Romero will have to die before you and your fellow members of Congress enact legislation to keep these “assault weapons” out of the hands of these crazies?

Allan W. Johnson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

how many more six-year old kids have to die before anything changes? nothing changed after sandy hook, so the answer is apparently quite a lot. while individuals can and do vary, the republican party as a whole has decided that it's perfectly happy with this kind of slaughter in exchange for ready access to weapons. other countries have solved this problem (in the sense of having way way less gun violence) and we could solve it too, simply by copying the known solution.


The dent in the republican armor is starting to show. Some of the congressional republicans can no longer hold up their idiotic facade on this issue. Eventually they will come to admit their stance on other issues is equally idiotic. They are finally realizing democrats have been right about this all along. How utterly embarrassing it has to be for them.

hermit thrush

yeah but this presupposes that people in the hardcore republican base are capable of embarrassment, which is not an assumption which i for one am comfortable making.


Just remember that the El Paso Wal-Mart massacre happened in a store that allows concealed carry, and the store itself was full of guns. It didn't matter at all. The NRA has trained its brainwashed followers into saying "all mass shootings happen in Gun-free zones" when that is a complete lie.

hermit thrush

100% correct. the pro-gun forces in this country are so intellectually corrupt that they will believe absolutely anything, no matter how farcical, as long as it provides them a pretext to maintain their unfettered access to guns. one of the latest lines they're pushing is that video games are the problem. in japan, home of nintendo and sony, there was a grant total of six firearm deaths in all of 2014.

Farmer Liz

45 is now clamoring for better methods of keeping the mentally ill from shooting people. He seems to have forgotten that he is the one who pulled Obama's bill that did exactly that. Stefanik supports this President; they both share responsibility.


Time to send Our Beloved Congresswoman back to selling plywood.

I recall JFK quoting an old proverb: "Those who try to ride the tiger end up inside."

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