Stefanik shows her support for our veterans

Time after time, we hear some sort of sentiment that claims to never forget our military men and women. Whether they paid the ultimate sacrifice or need our help when they return home from overseas, we are charged to never forget our heroes and aid however we can.

However, all too often we really do forget them and they do not receive the aid they need to adjust back to civilian life. That’s why we need to keep members of Congress like U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik in office. She never forgets, and she always fights for our military.

I could run through the various bills and acts that Stefanik has spent time and effort co-sponsoring. From fighting for pay increases to providing more funding for mental health services, she has been a champion on providing compassion to the men and women who protect our freedom.

Elise has a tough district to represent. Geographically, it’s the largest in the state with many diverse areas and a variety of towns and cities.

It’s nice to know that Rep. Stefanik is still able to take the time and remember to fight for Fort Drum. She understands the infrastructure Fort Drum provides, how much the base means to the area and how important it is to take care of our soldiers.

Robert W. Smith


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

what is elise doing about the russian bounties on our soldiers? what is she doing about russia right now? what is she going to do about the president?


What a joke, she spits in the faces of military personnel.


She supports a president who did nothing after being told Russia was putting a bounty on American soliders. That is Republican "patriotism", supporting a draft-dodging president who pooped on our veterans when he said "I like heroes who weren't catured".

Republican Patriotism = supporting draft dodger president who left a man alive on the battlefield in Chad and did nothing as Russia put bounties on our troops.

Republican Family Values: A President who met his third wife through Jeffrey Epstein, and cheated on her while she was pregnant with Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels.

Republican Fiscal Conservatism: Supporting a President who was seriously outspending Obama before COVID-19.




Melanoma was pregnant with Stormy Daniels?

I don't believe it.

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