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For your own safety, please, I implore you to turn off Channel 56 on the local Spectrum cable and avoid channel 92.7 on your FM radio dial. For the first three years of the Trump presidency, all these channels did was misinform you. But during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Fox News and right wing talk radio could kill you.

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, et al. have downplayed the severity of the coronavirus. Bloated Rush, despite resting firmly in the comorbidity demographic, says COVID-19 is like the flu and whines, “How in the world can anybody sane want to keep this economy shut down?” There are 84,000 and counting Americans who would disagree, but they can’t because they’re dead.

An academic study by the University of Chicago’s Becker Friedman Institute used publically available data of Fox News viewership and calculated that Hannity show watchers were less likely than Tucker Carlson show watchers to socially distance and showed higher rates of infection and death. Tucker, also a Fox News host, is terrible too, but to his credit — and this is the most infinitesimal praise possible—has avoided downplaying COVID-19 on his nightly program.

Mark Levin, the loudest and most insufferable of the right wing talking head idiocracy, praises Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp who, in his haste to reopen the state, could kill more Georgians than Gen. Tecumseh Sherman. Kemp won the Georgia gubernatorial election by using his office at the time as Georgia secretary of state to purge U.S. citizens from the voter rolls and delay even more Americans from registering to vote. But there’s no greater way to cut down on voter turnout than killing voters!

These Fox hosts are even encouraging the anti-shutdown protests, a sea of obnoxiousness decorated by Gadsen, Trump and Confederate flags. Like their Confederate forebears, their aim — whether they realize it or not — is to kill other Americans.

These bilious, bloviating broadcasters fail to realize that the choice is not “social distancing vs. saving the economy.” It’s either (1) keep people home to save lives until the virus is kicked, or (2) send people back to work now and watch way more get sick and die and have the economy crash anyway because millions are too ill to go to work.

Also, do not inject disinfectant! Somebody please put toddler proof locks on the White House cleaning supply cabinets.

Sean Pidgeon


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Charlie McGrath

Had Hillary won the election we would have had zero deaths from the virus. She would have assembled a team of experts a month ahead of the virus and put into place measures that although may seem harsh would have saved all lives lost. "Curtailing" the bill of rights would be necessary until we have a cure for all deadly illness. Location tracing would be in place to ensure compliance. Memorial day is coming up. Remember what it means and why we have it.

hermit thrush

south korea has had 262 covid deaths. we have had 89,000+. had hillary won the election we almost certainly would have saved many of those lives. the haters are gonna hate, but she is above all else a deeply competent person who would have run an infinitely superior response instead of burying her head in the sand and hoping it all goes away. charlie mcgrath apparently thinks all those lives are worth sacrificing.




Please quote the Bill of Rights where it says every business has a right to stay open, dress codes are prohibited, and travel shall not be restricted for any reason.




Trump had a podiatrist that rented from his father write his phony “medical” deferment for Vietnam and then Trump did three sports in college after. Trump is a clear Draft Dodger. Ask Bill Clinton what Republicans think of Draft Dodgers.

Then draft-dodger Trump spat on American POW’s by saying “I like heroes who weren’t captured” when he was insulting John McCain.

Republicans voted for Draft-Dodger Trump in record number. Your phony bumper-sticker patriotism is a complete joke.


[thumbup] You are such a nice commentator! [beam]



hermit thrush

a typically excellent letter from mr. pidgeon.


It is astounding and frightening that anyone could still support the COTUS (Clown of the United States). The demography of this country has changed forever. There is no going back. The idiotic and irresponsible supporters of tRUMP will be a cancer in this nation. They will be driven underground eventually but they forever lurk like a cancer cell in the body of this country.

Holmes -- the real one

rockloper --

You make a very important point.

This is an issue that Germany struggled with after Hitler.

Hitler’s spreading hatred and prejudice as well as the outright genocidal persecution and murder of 6 million Jews (as well as gypsies, and those with disabilities) unmasked those in the population who not only agreed with but who also openly supported all that he did.

How can anyone possibly resume a neighborly relationship with a person who harbors these malignant thoughts and impulses?

I admit that it is increasingly difficult for me to do so now with anyone who continues to support Trump.

Mr. Pidgeon's last line was meant to be humorous, I know, but it sort of implies that Trump himself just might do some of the crazy things he has implied his followers should consider doing.

Truth is, he would never do so. He simply enjoys "experimenting" with just how well he can manipulate people.

It does not trouble him at all to suggest that folks try something that can kill them. We have seen that, instead, he enjoys manipulating them and then mocking their stupidity. With no conscience, and making clear that he takes no responsibility for the outcome, he behaves as if he is a child sadist pulling the wings off flies.

keyser soze

☠Tяцmp☠ cares nothing about testing, tracing or vaccines. He cares nothing for the sick, the dying -- families in mourning, the unemployed, or for that matter, his brain addled base save for their blind allegiance. Trump's interests are in power, authority, and his personal finances. Only a fool would believe otherwise.


“…I’ve always assumed like most people have, that the primary motivation is to be loved and admired and recognized and praised. That is a motivation, but the deeper motivation is domination, is to win. And that is a function of the fact that he has no conscience -- and let’s be clear. No conscience.

The deaths, I know this is extreme; the deaths don’t matter to him… If it’s a decision between saving himself and saving others, it is no contest.”

Tony Schwartz, Co-Author, Art of the Deal.




[thumbup] You said it better than I.

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