Trump and supporters bear blame for crisis

Three stories recently caught my attention in Stars and Stripes, the newspaper read by military members and veterans around the world.

The first story was about the proposed 2021 federal budget’s highest-ever military increase (cheering by states and corporations anticipating profit gains was heard).

The second story was about the 2021 veterans medical budget increasing by 13 percent (cheering by veterans and their families was heard).

The third story was about the 35 percent cut to the budget of Stars and Stripes (cheering from those worrying about unbiased access to news, not so much).

Stars and Stripes gives balanced news stories, and that is precisely the kind of reporting that President Donald Trump wants suppressed.

One story reported that Trump had signed bills to support veterans.

The newspaper also reported that those programs were bills under the Obama administration, now coming up for renewal, or bills introduced by Obama’s administration that had been held in Congress waiting to be signed.

Trump campaigned on establishing a White House VA hotline, claiming veterans could dial him directly.

The newspaper reported that the phone is being answered by staff in a nondescript building somewhere in Virginia.

The whole truth isn’t acceptable to someone whose only interest is in controlling the media for his own purposes.

When you visit the National Holocaust Museum, you may see the poster titled “Early Warning Signs of Fascism.”

The first item of note is “Controlling the Media.”

We have a president who bristles if he doesn’t like what reporters ask him, calling them “the enemy.”

The president is only interested in media sources that support him; he shuns and discredits any others that criticize him.

We rarely hear from the press secretary.

It’s easier for Trump to tweet his version of the truth.

It follows that Trump admires Putin for shutting down any negative news in Russian.

Crafting and limiting information is a power-grab exercised by every dictator in history.

People wonder how it was possible for the German people “not to know” that a demented madman was creeping into power.

Narrowing the media to single-slanted mass communications is how it’s done.

The group Patriot Front, whose message is “Make America Safe for Fascism,” marched through Washington, D.C., on Feb. 8.

Have we forgotten the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who died fighting Adolf Hitler’s media-controlled, fascist Germany?

We have to recognize purposeful manipulation and demand unbiased media before we are completely imprisoned in disinformation bubbles.

Martha E. Hodges


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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NY Jack

Martha's at it again.... jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions and fake news-making---and blaming almost anything that occurs in DC as President Trump's fault! First, nothing has been finalized with budget---which comes from Congress. Second, Stars & Stripes has gone primarily digital---saves $$$. Third, there's no indication of any kind that there would, could, or should be any change to editorial policy!!!! Martha's purposeful misrepresentations & untruths are the far-larger threat.

Holmes -- the real one

Please identify just what you feel are "unsubstantiated conclusions," "purposeful misrepresentations." and "untruths."

I see no evidence of any of this in this letter to the editor.

However, your comment alleging: unsubstantiated conclusions, fake news-making -- and blaming almost anything that occurs in DC as Trump's fault appear not only baseless but as actual projection.


This is kind of laughable. Every day in every news outlet I read, I see story after story about how evil Trump is and that he is obviously the downfall of Western civilization. How is that "Trump controlling media"? Do you think Hitler allowed those kinds of stories in the 30s? I doubt it.


C'mon Jackie. Labeling unfavorable news as "fake news" and thereby sowing cynicism is a form of media control.


And that qualifies as fascism to you? OK...

Holmes -- the real one

What qualifies as fascism to you? Please provide your definition of fascism.

Here's the one from Merriam-Webster.


What would YOU call it, Jackie? Certainly the hallmark of a would-be dictator.


No it's a step towards it. It's a hand on the knee.

Holmes -- the real one

Ahh Jackie.

Well then, you simply have to read some more.

Here are some good places to start: a z i_Germany a z i-germany/newspapers-in-n a z i-germany/ a z i s-revealed-germany-harriet-scharnberg a z i-germany-battled-to-expose-the-truth/ a z i-propaganda-and-censorship


Each citation that included the word N a z i (without the spaces) was rejected on this nny360 site for "inclusion of profanity" So in order to access the link you will have to correct the word to its accurate letter spacing.


Ahh Holmes, I'm actually more interested in what you think than your skill at posting links.

Holmes -- the real one

Nice dodge! Last time you just wanted me to summarize.

Holmes -- the real one

But this time I will summarize: the sources listed basically refute your claim about news sources in Germany in the 30s


Hitler called them “The Lying Press”. Remember, as the Coronavirus comes to America Trump is literally talking in interviews about his popularity polling on the issue. Sure, lots of old people are going to die, but a Fox News poll says Trumps Coronavirus polling is good!


His corona virus response plan is also his plan to “fix” social security without raising taxes or cutting benefits.

Holmes -- the real one

Sounds like a kind of final solution to me.



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