Will schools cut taxes with so much closed?

On April 9 while watching WWNY-TV/7 News, I was appalled by the remarks made by Byron Kluski, the corrections officers union spokesman, that it was an insult, outrageous and a slap in the face that a 2 percent raise for corrections officers had been frozen and rammed down their throats with no negotiation for discussion. Now I agree the raise is due to them, and they deserve such. But the delay is justified.

Mr. Kluski must not be aware that the novel coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a serious economic downturn for our nation into and could balloon into another Great Depression.

I agree that union members are necessary frontline employees who must work no matter what. But they chose their career path; they have jobs and job security for which they are well compensated; they have health insurance benefits for themselves and their families; they have excellent vacation and paid leave benefits; and they have a lucrative retirement plan.

Waiting the 90 days for a 2 percent increase in their wages most certainly will not affect their quality of life or ability to buy food or pay their bills.

They should take a minute and look around. Do they have family members or friends who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic? Some of them may not have a job to return to.

These folks will have unemployment, possibly public assistance and food stamps, maybe losing their homes. Byron Kluski should wake up! We are all in this together, so quit complaining and join everyone else. I would like to believe that not all corrections officers share his views on this.

Frank Gallo


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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How about this? Take every C.O. that votes Republican and make them tour a private, for-profit prison. Florida and many Republican states are going that way. Republicans want to ban government unions and outsource prisons to the private sector. Let C.O.’s who vote Trump know what that really looks like. More inmates for less staff, a more dangerous environment, and C.O.’s who make around $35,000 tops and a CEO who makes billions.

Let them see the alternative of not having a union (which many C.O.’s vote for) and see how that shapes things.

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