New gun laws will not affect mass shootings

For far too long, our elected officials have followed the status quo and as a result District 7 is always last to receive our share of Jefferson County tax revenue. County Route 47 is just one example. It took the town of Champion opting out of snow removal for the county to finally do something about the deteriorating road conditions. This road deteriorated rapidly because of the trucks utilized in the construction of the Lewis County wind mills.

Governments in Lewis County entered into agreements with the wind farms that required they pave the roads upon completion. This is why you saw all the fresh pavement in Lewis County. Our representatives failed to enter into this simple agreement. As a result, it fell to the taxpayers.

The county hasn’t provided anything noticeable in years to the town of Champion, West Carthage or the hamlets, which are District 7. Instead, it has been the status quo for far too long. We need representation willing to challenge the County Board Chairman Scott Gray (Watertown, southeast representative) and fight for our equal share of revenue. It shouldn’t take the town opting out of snow removal to get county roads repaired.

We deserve our share of the taxes we pay. It is sad that you must go looking to find where our share of the tax revenue is going. It is taxation without representation. Until recently, District 7 was paid $50,000 to plow county roads, out of a property tax levy collected of roughly $2 million. Can anyone name any other services we received?

In addition, District 7 is primarily a pro-gun area. Yet our elected official, again following Chairman Gray, deciding not to declare Jefferson County a Second Amendment sanctuary county. Instead, they passed a resolution that technically means nothing but gives them the ability to say they did something.

We need change. We need a representative willing to stand up for District 7 and our needs. Legislator John Peck is not the best path moving forward. As your district legislator, I cannot guarantee results. But I can guarantee I will be on the record advocating for you.

Petition season begins Tuesday. To sign my petition, contact Eagle Politics at 315-544-0641. In the primary this June vote “Gump, Running for You!” End the status quo and help me bring District 7 into the future.

Matthew Gump


The writer is a member of the Champion Town Council.

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