Bellor declares her commitment to residents

According to recent figures, Northern New York has a higher rate of unemployment. The longer heating season here compels north country seniors and low-income residents to spend more of their income to heat older homes, homes in need of energy efficiency investments that reduce heating bills and conserve energy.

One way to put people back to work and support local contractors is the often-overlooked investment in energy conservation by retrofitting homes and businesses to make them more energy efficient; this lowers electric and heating costs. The U.S. Energy Department Weatherization Assistance Program already provides grants to low-income people to help them weatherize their homes by sealing windows and installing installation that lowers electric and heating costs. By expanding the program to middle- and higher-income groups eligible for no-interest loans, we could make a larger dent in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve the health and safety of our communities.

This program and others are not socialism as U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik has characterized the Green New Deal. Rather, they are federal investments that will create hundreds if not thousands of north country jobs, reduce heating and electric costs, and stimulate our regional economy.

Such proactive investment in our people and climate will require new leadership from the White House and Congress. That is why I support Tedra Cobb, who is a proven leader.

Richard Spencer


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Holmes -- the real one

I'm in favor of good insulation.

We bought a building constructed around 1890 and completely gutted it, pretty much replacing everything. It sits shoulder to shoulder with 2 other similar length row buildings so that 2 sides are insulated by the presence of the other buildings. Even though this was so, we added additional insulation on those sides when we replaced the walls/wiring/plumbing etc. On the outside facing ends we installed insulated windows. It was a lot of initial work but the insulation has made living there ultra comfortable. We do not need to turn on the heat until mid-December -- and because of the general layout of the upper floors, we don't even bother to heat the 3rd floor since it stays warm anyway.

Similarly, air conditioning use is minimal -- and only when it is unbearably hot outside.

The large windows (on both exposed sides) provide ventilation and heat gain. In the summer we use vertical blinds to divert the direct sunlight.

If I was more energetic, I might have installed solar panels on the roof, but I'm getting old and it's a long way up there.....


Good stuff sir! Enjoyed the story on the project.


Ah yes...clever. Hide the real reason for the article behind a different title. Well done! Although I don’t agree with the writer this was clever lol

hermit thrush

letter writers don't pick their headlines.


I did not know that! Thank you mr hermit. Actually explains a few things from the past lol.


Back in "Gangs of New York" days people lived in dark, airless, windowless tenements and there was no central heating. Then came building codes, which call for copious windows everywhere, usually equal to ten percent of the floor area. So by law we have these big holes in the walls everywhere, even though we can now light and ventilate without them. Make them double paned or whatever, it's still completely absurd to be worried about making ceilings and walls even better insulated when every room has essentially big panes of ice. And furthermore, you want a certain amount of a draft or you will suffocate. If you live in a house in a cold place you will have to heat outside air, one way or another, or else freeze or suffocate.

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