“Community proud,” that’s certainly what comes to personal mind in gratitude to a couple of classy events again proven to area recreation this recent spring. A tenderfoot spring celebration to foot racing in the North Country now joining alongside the annual historically and pioneering canoe and kayak racing event of any kind, anywhere around. Community based recreational opportunities witnessed at their local best in organizational creation and participation offering. Canton the personal beneficiary of each event organizer’s selfless efforts. As such, a moment of genuine thanks here.

Firstly, congratulations and thanks to second year event organizer Kara McLuckie (as well, fond thanks to previous event founder/organizer Amanda Stopa Goldstein starting in 2017) for the 2023 edition of the Maple Run Half-Marathon and 5K race success on Saturday, April 15. Congratulations with thanks also to foot-traveling everyone who came out and participated in the beautiful sunny morning challenge that day hosted out of its new course starting and finishing at Canton’s Bend In the River Park and quietly puttering along the back roads of the community. Some 141 participants in total for both events. That list a grand make up of hearty athletic souls locally, from across all over New York State, and areas beyond; including Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, and Quebec and Ontario, Canada. Folks in age ranging from 9 year old Wesley, to 72 year old Lyn in attendance. Very cool and evolving recreational opportunity to our Canton community. One I’m glad is in my backyard of play too. An event perhaps to take the lingering path of long term fun and greatness in Canton as each the over 40-year-old Stillman Foote Running Club’s Frozen Foote and Summer Sunset race series have, or maybe even longer if blessed in grand example to this next event.

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