GOP is not helping folks who are struggling

“Presumed innocent until proven guilty.”

Precious words which, according to the legal website, is “One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged.”

Yet politicians, media and some in the public seem determined to deny this to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and to force him to resign his elective position.

Yes, there have been allegations. Several women have come forward to point fingers and accuse. The matter is indeed disturbing.

However, it can only be assumed that investigations are underway and have not as yet been completed. Gov. Cuomo has invited and encouraged these investigations himself and has said he will not resign from office.

Accusing someone of a crime does not automatically make the person guilty. All personal and political feelings aside, this is simply a matter of rights under law.

All charges must be fully investigated. And, if enough evidence is found, the case must go to court and be tried properly before guilt may be ascertained.

Until that time, it is necessary to separate these accusations from the governorship and allow the man to do the job for which the people of New York hired him. Should he be found guilty of the charges laid against him, then and only then will it be appropriate to go further.

Lorraine Payette


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Good letter, Lorraine. Thank you.


“Presumed innocent until proven guilty.” Or until Elise Stefanik declares him guilty by selling hate merch.


Or until Cryin' Chuck declares him guilty because he's becoming too much of a political liability. Goes both ways, Kevin.


I’m pretty sure Schumer and Gillibrand have called on Cuomo to resign. I know Carrie Woerner has, but you’ve probably never heard of her.

You made me go look. This was 2 weeks ago.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just lost the support of two of the country's most powerful Democrats — Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The senators are joining a growing chorus of lawmakers calling for Cuomo's resignation amid allegations of sexual harassment. CBS News

So, by the logic of your comment Schumer and Gillibrand have already “declared him guilty because blah blah” I have no idea what you’re saying.


Pretty simple here, kr. I'm saying if you're going to make a snide remarks about Elise calling on Andy to quit, the same remark can be made about somebody you voted for who already called for Andy to quit. Did I spell it out enough? And no, I have no clue who that other person is. Dont really care either.

hermit thrush

whether cuomo should leave office is not a criminal matter.



Charlie McGrath

Not yet!

hermit thrush

the funny thing is, if cuomo's conduct rises to the level of criminal liability, then i and a large swath of democrats believe he should be investigated and face the consequences. nothing is even remotely analogous in the case of republicans and trump, even though trump's criminal exposure is vastly worse.


The guv will be ok now he is speeding up marijuana for all with a 13% return for state and local communities.


Don't worry about governor Cuomo he'll be alright.

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