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I’m privileged to live in the Adirondack Park with easy access to hunting, fishing, boating and hiking. I’m worried about how climate change will affect recreational activities.

The National Wildlife Federation’s website provides a wealth of specific information about climate change, the influence of temperature increases for land and water. Weather patterns, droughts and heat waves have been researched. The state Department of Environmental Conservation website contains information about climate change and lists: our natural resources, agriculture, tourism and water supply are some of the areas negatively impacted.

Specific to our area, extreme weather will increase pests, ticks, (deer ticks and winter ticks, probably more Lyme disease) and pathogens that create disease. Moose are distressed by warmer temperatures. Droughts cause increases in midges, which transmit hemorrhagic disease and cause white tailed deer to lose appetite, develop fever, extensive bleeding and perish. Disease-carrying mosquitoes thrive; in New York, they spread West Nile virus. Growing seasons change; vegetation type shift northwards; and bird types have expanded 35 miles north. Ponds dry up, affecting waterfowl. Brook trout and walleye require cool, clean water. Warm waters influence upstream habits. Damaging sea lampreys have increased. I cannot fully explain the destruction with the brevity of this letter.

It is clear that we need state support for initiatives to tackle climate change. While in the state Assembly, Dan Stec voted against the Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (which had grant money for farmers). How is this possible for someone who advocates for people in the north country? Kimberly Davis is running against Dan Stec for state Senate for the 45th District. She is an advocate of sensible, practical climate change legislation. She understands that hunting, fishing, hiking and boating are important to us. Outdoor recreation is part of our lifestyle. Vote Kimberly Davis.

William Bereza


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