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The impasse in the Congress over whether the impeachment papers are sent to the Senate and whether there will be an impartial hearing in the Senate can lead to an interesting situation. The Republicans cry that the impeachment proceedings in the House were a way for Democrats to get rid of a duly elected official. The Democrats say that not holding an impartial trial in the Senate is a way to protect a president who is guilty of obstructing justice and other high crimes.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually has an interesting idea. She wants to hold the impeachment papers until the Senate does what she thinks it should do. I think that it would be much better if she held them until after the November elections. Thus, we would have the voters determining if the president should stay in office, which is exactly what the Republicans seem to be asking for with the phrase “duly elected official” that they continually mention. The Democrats will have gotten their impeachment of this president and a chance to demonstrate to our nation some of the poor judgments of which he is guilty.

By putting the impeachment on hold, our Congress could get back to passing laws; that is what we elected these legislators to do. And it would indeed be interesting to see how the two parties would play this during the election process. Of course, it would leave the president dangling in the wind. But Mr. Trump seems to enjoy being in that position, so it should make for a fascinating summer!

John Pratt


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I agree with you John. Hold off until after the elections. There may be a chance the dems take over the senate, in which case, if the fool in the WH is reelected he would be removed from office anyway. If he is not reelected it won't matter.


Multiple comments discussing impeachment.... NOTHING changes the makeup of the Senate ..which is NOT going to impeach POTUS... zero chance.. the rest is blather... regardless of any new evidence..

hermit thrush

impeachment with acquittal is better than democrats doing nothing at all.


Agree; and so far the democrats have done nothing.

hermit thrush

what a silly thing to say. democrats actually impeached him. that is not nothing. even if it doesn't result in conviction in the senate, that is a nontrivial check on trump.


Impeachment after election? Never happen. The senate would dismiss and the supreme court would throw it out


It's now Jan 2020. A new Congress and President are elected in Nov 2020 but are not sworn in until Jan 2021. That's a year away. People are tired of this impeachment nonsense as it is and now you want to put it on ice for another year. You are also assuming that President Trump is reelected! What if he isn't? It would be hard to have an impeachment trial for President Trump, after the elections, if he's not elected.

hermit thrush

"By putting the impeachment on hold, our Congress could get back to passing laws"

no. congress is perfectly capable of passing laws while impeachment is happening at the same time.

there's no rush to send the articles to the senate, but waiting until after the election is absurd.


As FWF commented, delaying the impeachment until next year would be a mute point if Trump didn't get re-elected. Impeachment can only take place when the president is in office.

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