Stefanik sought to usurp judgment of states

Constitution, Constitution, Treason, Treason, Sedition, Sedition — my hair is fire!

Oh, let’s not forget we went from there is no fraud to there was very little fraud, to there wasn’t enough fraud to change the election. This is the war cry of the left, the Democrats, the RINOs and the pathetic excuse we have for a media in this country.

Well, as a farmer, I am an expert in the waste products of cattle and I can assure you all of it is certified bull ****! So let’s just break this down, shall we?

To start, there are specific checks and balances in the U.S. Constitution for these situations. Specifically, the 12th Amendment, Article 1, Section 4; and, most important, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 2.

Moving on, since our schools fail to teach history, especially to journalism students. I’ll be happy to give a history lesson. In 2000, the electors were challenged by Democrats. In 2004, electors were challenged by, yup, Democrats. In 2016, Mad Max from California challenged the electors.

But I digress; let’s go back to 1960 when Hawaii’s electors were challenged by, again, Democrats. Oh, yes, there was a little thing back in 1876 with the Hayes/Tilden election. Seems like, again, the Democrats committed fraud by exploiting people who couldn’t read, so they put a picture of Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) next to the Democrat candidate’s name. Once again, the Democrats committed fraud and the Republican came out victorious.

So when I hear these attacks against U.S. Rep. Stefanik from people who hate the Constitution, have no understanding of our history and throw around words they don’t even understand, I have to speak up. By the way, I encourage all the “leadership” in the Republican Party to do the same.

Elise is doing what is right. She is not only fighting for free and fair elections; she also is our voice and she is the only one who can represent the more than 65% of the people in the district who agree with me 100%.

That is her job; this is what she is supposed to do. And I am very proud of her for doing so.

Finally, I forgot that Democrats keep throwing around democracy, democracy. It’s an attack on democracy.

Well, here’s newsflash for all of you educated folks on the left from a dumb farmer. The word democracy is not in the Constitution; we’re a constitutional republic!

Russ Finley


This letter focuses on U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s decision last week to challenge the slate of electors from certain states. It was submitted prior to the attack on the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

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Pat Luppens

Two words: Voter suppression. If everyone who wished to vote was allowed to vote the Republican party would be a small minority if it existed at all. Mail in ballots as a result of the pandemic exposed the systematic use of suppression the Republicans have used hold onto power.


Farmer Russ is parroting an article/story from Fox...citing the section of the constitution regarding electors and how they're chosen... somehow that's relevant to past elections rejected by Democrats.. The point is...we all know elections aren't perfect...never have or will be... but claiming "we won by a landslide, everyone knows that"...and Stefanik supporting that claim... is tantamount to believing in unicorns...and resulted in the mob mentality and deaths at the Capitol.. Even McConnell gets it...

Farmer Liz

What she is doing is showing undying loyalty to a tyrant who not only encouraged the attack on our Capitol, but delighted in it. He has continued to rant about a rigged election, even though there is no evidentiary support whatsoever for this farce. Reps have a right to object to Electors when based on facts, not the delusions of a deranged idiot just to advance their careers. Elise cares less about our "Republic" (yes, we know what that is) than her time in the spotlight. She should, at the very least, be censured.

Joseph Savoca

The author of this letter does not give any evidence of fraud.

The House Republicans say not to impeach Trump, but to create an election integrity commission. If Trump had evidence of fraud, why do they need an election integrity commission?

Trump has repeatedly said that the big reveal of Hillary Clinton's crookedness is coming and people will be shocked, infrastructure week is coming and it will be big and beautiful, we are just about to turn the corner on the coronavirus, the economy is going to come roaring back in a couple months, the next lawsuit or the electoral vote count is really going to show all the fraud. Nothing ever comes of his big claims. This is how you can see that Trump is a con artist.


Mr. Finley - Point taken. When, however, is the last time the Democrats sent a murderous mob to the Capitol?


The mob went on its own. Thats usually what mobs do.


Yea, PB... maybe you and Alex Jones believes that. Even Fox reported Trump telling the mob to march to the Capitol..

hermit thrush

republicans' newly discovered superpower is that they've learned you can get away with a lot if you don't feel any shame. that's how you end up with absurd letters like this.




The claim that the United States political system is "a republic, not a democracy" is often heard in libertarian and conservative circles, and is typically invoked whenever the term "democracy" is used in any favorable context. This claim is generally invoked when the user believes one of the following:

"I don't like your idea, and since it involves aspects that are democratic or majoritarian, I'll invoke the republic-not-a-democracy claim to discredit your idea."

"A majority of the population appears to support this idea, so I will invoke the republic-not-a-democracy claim to illustrate that the majority should be ignored."

Also key to these claims is to invoke the authority of "the Founding Fathers" — by which is meant the pro-centralization nationalists and not the Anti-Federalists — for the usual reasons that anyone appeals to authority rather than offer a real argument.


Whatever the difference is between a Democracy and a Republic, the SC seems to think we should each get one vote.,_one_vote

Also regarding the "We're a Republic not a Democracy",when%20the%20user%20believes%20one%20of%20the%20following%3A

And what other points were made? "Democrats are a party that I am opposed to and I don't like them, are you with me?" No.


It's a quirk of that language that if more than one member of a group does something or has some quality you can compose a grammatically and factually correct sentence that can also be interpreted to mean that the entire group does that thing or has that quality. I know at least two gay Republicans. So I can say, "Republicans are gay." Nothing wrong with that, not judging, it's just a fact.

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