Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

It was interesting to watch the recent Democratic debates. There were 20 participants who each claim to be the one who can beat Donald Trump in next year’s presidential election.

If the Democrats had nominated anyone except Hillary Clinton to run against Donald Trump, they would have won the election. My vote for Trump was a vote against Hillary. I would have voted for anyone else who ran against Trump.

The same situation will repeat itself next year if the Democrats nominate Joe Biden. Anyone else would have a chance for my vote. Again, I will vote for Trump or whoever runs against Biden.

Donald Trump is a sleaze bag and a liar. Richard Nixon is a close third.

Finally, I am always amused at the politician who claims they will change the tax laws to make sure the rich will pay more taxes that they have been able to avoid up to now. Anyone who believes that also must believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

Earl L. Nicholson


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

"Finally, I am always amused at the politician who claims they will change the tax laws to make sure the rich will pay more taxes that they have been able to avoid up to now."

bill clinton and barack obama both did exactly that.


What he is really saying is: "I am completely ignorant of Tax policy when America was at its best."


That wasn't the case for me. What their tax laws did was chase companies out of the USA.

hermit thrush

are you rich? and i would love to see some evidence that "their tax laws chase[d] companies out of the USA." but i won't be holding my breath.


Even the liberal WP can't twist the story enough to report differently. Imagine what the story would be if they used the pro-Trump data?

Holmes -- the real one

You say:

"Donald Trump is a sleaze bag and a liar."

You say you voted for him.


The mental gymnastics of Trump voters is truly incredibly to behold at times. There were at least four names on the presidential ballot.


He did! What does that say about Hillary?

hermit thrush

it says nothing about her and everything about the letter writer.


And millions of other people who voted Pres. Trump into office.

Farmer Liz

Wow. You will re-vote for a "sleaze-bag and a liar." Way to do your civic duty.


That says a lot about the Democrats!


Trump is a draft-dodging womanizer who has pushed the budget deficit to record levels. These FACTS say more than anything about Republicans.


Another hypocritical, progressive hate monger. Hillary is as big if not bigger crook than Trump but has the liberal press to repress the news.


I suppose when you don't have a choice of which sleazebag you have to vote for you pick in your eyes the lesser of your two evils. Then each person obviously has to determine what their evil is. I for one did not vote for Trump or Clinton. My civic duty takes place day in and day out with helping youth and select not for profits that I feel have the real love of their causes at heart. I feel then that voting for a "sleazebag" to use the term of the author is 100% NOT doing your civic duty. But, we all have that right thankfully to the credit of those brave folks some 250 years ago...

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