Who’s the real star in Northern New York?

Alleged, debunked, discredited are three words unheard and unprinted during two and a half years of Russian collusion investigations or Brett Kavanaugh hearings, yet you seldom hear a story about Joe and Hunter Biden together without one of these adjectives.

We also are told nothing they did was illegal; not everything corrupt is illegal. Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) are quick to incorrectly say there is no evidence of misdeeds by the Bidens, but they were willing to spend millions of dollars and two and one half years investigating an allegation.

Three things candidate Donald Trump wanted to accomplish were to secure the border, get our troops out of endless wars and stop being bearing the majority of the burden of defense of others, and drain the swamp, which includes the Deep State. Democrats say we can’t take unilateral action; we must build a coalition. Apparently, there wasn’t much of a coalition when the president moved troops from between a treaty ally and a group sharing a common enemy with us.

Susan Rice unmasked the names of Trump officials who had contact with foreign agents. She lied about the Benghazi attack and said U.S. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction” to justify trading him for five terrorists. Lois Lerner weaponized the IRS. And Barack Obama lied about knowing of Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server, the FBI dismissing Clinton’s obstruction of justice and destruction of emails in hard drives.

You wonder why Democrats are working so hard to stop the president from draining the swamp. They have spent every day for the past three years investigating and attacking President Trump, and the worst they can find is he obstructed an attempted coup and he wants to investigate Washington corruption.

President Trump is likely our last best hope to rein in the Washington elite’s abuse of power, and the swamp won’t be drained without a fight.

Michael Bell

Cape Vincent

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Farmer Liz

Here is a grand example of 45 trying to drain the swamp.



Boy...where to start...

Former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen: Pleaded guilty to tax and bank charges, campaign finance violations and lying to Congress....

Former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates: Pleaded guilty to lying to investigators...

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: Pleaded guilty to lying to investigators.....

Trump confidant Roger Stone: Charged with lying to Congress....

Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort: Sentenced to seven and a half years in prison for financial crimes.....

Former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos: Served 12 days in prison for lying to investigators....

Oh yea, the swamp's getting drained, but it isn't POTUS doing it.. What's obvious is there are some on both sides that are so loyal they lose their moral compass, and sell out their values for their party... sad example of same here..


Mr. Bell's comments reflect the fact that many people swallow every morsel of propaganda served by Fox News.


It is pure brainwashing. Republicans were the ‘family values party” who cared about the debt and veterans. Now Republicans worship a draft dodger who has created the biggest debt ever and brags about cheating on all his wives. The Republican Party is a cult.

hermit thrush

one of the biggest jokes in politics today is that trump's lackeys actually go for this "drain the swamp" business. normal people just roll their eyes at that kind of talk, but the lackeys really mean it. this is what draining the swamp

means in practice


Bolton said he believes there is a personal or business relationship dictating Trump’s position on Turkey because none of his advisers are aligned with him on the issue, the people present said.

The Trump Organization has a property in Istanbul, and the president's daughter Ivanka Trump attended the opening with Erdogan in 2012. Though it’s a leasing agreement for use of the Trump name, Trump himself said in a 2015 interview that the arrangement presented “a little conflict of interest” should he be elected.

During an Oct. 6 phone call with Erdogan, Trump agreed to pull back U.S. troops from northeast Syria so Turkish forces could launch an attack against America’s Kurdish allies in the area. The presence of U.S. forces had deterred Erdogan from invading Syria, which he had threatened to do for years. Trump’s decision, followed by an order for all U.S. troops to exit Syria, was widely criticized even among the president’s Republican allies and was seen by many as a gift to the Turkish leader.

Erdogan is set to visit the White House on Wednesday.

the key to every con is that the marks never want to admit that they've been conned.


A draft dodger who spits on veterans is a Republican leader. Trump inherited $200 million and went bankrupt four times, a perfect symbol of the Republican Party. I am sure the ‘swamp draining’ will happen any day, right after the South rises again.

hermit thrush

when i was a kid, i remember watching an interview with metallica where they talked about how in a lot of their early songs, their approach was basically to try to cram in as many guitar riffs as possible.

this letter is the same, except with conspiracy theories.


Although I don’t share your sentiment in regards to the article...I do love me some Metallica!


Yes, you were the guy yesterday who was saying Trump’s ten year relationship with Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t a big deal because Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane with a bunch of press. Donald Trump met his wife through Epstein’s ‘services’. Trump says so himself. Imagine thinking a racist timeshare condo salesman who describes himself as ‘the king of debt” would fix anything. Wait, you actually support Trump. Ha ha.


Sorry, Airball was supporting the racist timeshare condominium salesman president two days ago.


Yeah, go big. If readers buy all that surely you can build some more on top of it.

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