After reading the Watertown Daily Times’s endorsement of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik (Our View, “Stefanik for US House: Incumbent congresswoman grasps the needs of north country,” Oct. 23), lukewarm as it was, I wonder if members of the newspaper’s editorial board even bother to read their own paper.

In October, this was a headline: “Latest Stefanik ad includes fake citation, misleading claims” (Oct. 14). You labeled Ms. Stefanik’s actions as “beneath a public official” (Our View, “It’s not a bloodsport: Stefanik casts aside truth, decency in her re-election bid”) and said of her tactics, “We deserve better than to live in an environment like this.”

So what exactly do you want to give another chance to Ms. Stefanik to do? Feed us fake and divisive claims? Or have yet another chance to cast aside truth and decency?

If re-elected, Stefanik would not be in the majority party and would have little power in committee. She does not sit on the Agriculture Committee, a tremendous loss for our farming community. She is indifferent to the stresses of being without health insurance in this rural district.

Her partisan efforts to overturn the Affordable Care Act indicate she isn’t interested in the long-term needs of our hospitals and nursing homes. Only two bill she has introduced have been signed into law, one to name a post office and another for a commemorative coin. Is this how she plans to make our district “vibrant”?

It is not as though we don’t have a strong alternative in Tedra Cobb. She has lived in the 21st Congressional District for more than 30 years. She has worked to increase access to health care, welcomed collaboration with Republicans and Democrats alike, embraced opposing opinions to enrich her understanding of voters needs and maintained a small business in our district. Tedra knows the back roads and front porches of our district because she had made it her home, not her stepping stone. You have a choice.

Instead, you have endorsed a congresswoman whom you exposed for habitually and intentionally embracing false truths during her re-election bid. Why would you turn a blind eye to your own truth-telling, your own good and honest reporting?

Another chance? Un-candid, insincere and ultra-partisan Stefanik hasn’t earned that. In your own words, “she pollutes the 21st Congressional District with cynicism and acrimony.”

Katherine Fidler


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Cobb is a legitimate candidate, so Dems have her record, her platform and a long list of needs (not yet represented in Congress) to work with. Elise has more of the same petulant nonsense. Pitbull, I wont tell anyone if you reconsider your vote. Lots of Elise voters are and have.


Great letter, Katherine.

hermit thrush

great letter.


There it is again. "If reelected, Stefanik will not be in the majority party and will have little influence.." The Cobb writers must be getting coached by someone to "make sure you mention xyz". You may be right about who the next president is but you may be very wrong.

hermit thrush

nice conspiratorial thinking here. "majority party" is referring to who controls the house, not who wins the presidency. democrats are almost guaranteed to keep the house.


The Cobb writers must be getting coached by someone

1) It’s just common sense

2) It’s not in every letter

3) Democrats can think for themselves. We’re not 🐑, that’s the Trump Party you’re thinking of.


Excellent letter. Thank you for posting it.

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