I am following up on endorsing vaccine requirements as so forcefully stated on Sept. 19 (“Vaccines are effective only when people get them”) by Dr. Robert Kimball (no relation).

As Robert said, we have wiped out diseases throughout our country’s history by required vaccines and not hurt freedom by doing so.

But we improved the quality of lives, prevented unnecessary human suffering and death and actually reduced needed medical costs by wiping out diseases.

We can do so again and end unnecessary death and suffering by taking the novel coronavirus vaccinations, which are extremely safe and have few side effects — but only if citizens do their patriotic duty and focus on what is good for the general good, not just their personal interest.

Now, in the era of heated discord, I pose a few questions to conservative Republicans who may encourage the vaccine but only in a lukewarm fashion and endorse “individual freedom” over temporary requirements during a health emergency, which it is with delta variant.

Why do you not tell your unvaccinated constituents that they will be 10 times more likely to die and having painful hospitalizations than the vaccinated?

Why do you not tell your unvaccinated constituents that they too often are listening to conspiracy theories and untruths like they should take an unproven medicine like ivermectin, which Fox announcers endorsed rather than the proven vaccine? Why?

Why do you not tell pregnant unvaccinated women that the FDA endorsed vaccines months ago, that there is zero evidence of increased miscarriages and that there is preliminary evidence of increased stillborns (unborn babies died) with unvaccinated moms who got COVID-19?

Why do you not tell unvaccinated parents that they could if they get the coronavirus, they can transmit it to their own children and that their kids may get sick because the parent did not get vaccinated?

An unvaccinated mom in Texas who gave her kid the coronavirus sure wishes she had been vaccinated as her son died when he got COVID-19.

Do you tell the unvaccinated this?

Why do you not tell unvaccinated that they take up more than 96% of COVID-19 hospitalizations, which gets hospitals and emergency rooms so full that often vaccinated persons could not get health care locally and one vaccinated man died searching for health care?

Why do you not tell unvaccinated that the cost of their freedom is that the vaccinated are paying billions of dollars extra to pay for their additional costs?

Do the patriotic thing—get vaccinated!

William Kimball


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hermit thrush

the vaccines we have are great but not perfect, and things are not going to get back to normal for everyone until enough people are protected against the virus. that is why increasing vaccination numbers is important for the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.


Pregnant moms should probably listen to their doctors as to rather or not to get vaccinated... NOT you or the media


Let me start by saying I am a Republican, I am vaccinated, and I have told those that having been vaccinated to ask their own doctor for advise. NOT social media, NOT liberal media blaming them for this virus but their own medical professional!

What I dont understand is if YOU are vaccinated then what does it matter if I am NOT?

hermit thrush

jfk: ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country.

the maga base: lol that's a funny joke.


Why do you not tell your unvaccinated constituents that they will be 10 times more likely to die and having painful hospitalizations than the vaccinated? ...

Because it might cost them a few more votes than they’re losing from their voters dying. Besides, they’re much too busy trolling on the internet.

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