Politics as usual is horrible for our country

Given the stridency of U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik’s call for an investigation of sexual harassment charges against Gov. Andrew Cuomo (“The people of New York deserve a governor …”), I’m left to wonder why the congresswoman has never raised her voice regarding the numerous similar charges lodged against President Donald Trump in recent years.

Oh yes, I forgot: Trump called her “a star.”

Robert D. Graham


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hermit thrush

such a perfect example of republican hypocrisy. meanwhile democrats writ large will be all for the charges against cuomo being investigated too.


Many posters on this site are democrats. That said our congressional representative Elise Stefanik a republican is not going to get a good word very often. She may have been a part of insinuations about our good governor Andy Cuomo's personal behavior for I guess she espoused that theory. You can bet if Stefanik did jump on Mr Cuomo it had something to do with her relationship with president Trump who has big problems in New York state concerning his tax returns. He even migrated to the state of Florida when he couldn't find solace with NY politicians. When Donald Trump hates he does something about it so expect more attacks agains our wonderful governor. Go Andy.


Oh yes, I forgot: Trump called her “a star.”

She’s always been that way. Even before Trump she was a Trumpist.


I agree. [thumbup]

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