Trump hurts 1st Amendment with attacks

When Republicans use the words poor, criminal, one’s city and now infested, Democrats and the press accuse them of racism. Association with these words with a minority reveals the true racism.

They say President Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric causes mentally unstable individuals to shoot people, and he and NRA members have blood on their hands. Trump says we should secure our borders to stop criminal foreign nationals, some of whom are murderers and rapists or drug dealers. His opponents call him and his supporters racists and now the new charge, white separatists.

Democrats aren’t used to a Republican who stands up to their baseless accusations and strikes back. It’s driving them crazy, and they attack him for everything. It’s clear what the true hate group is and who freely uses hate speech.

These are the same people who are pushing red flag laws, which will deny due process based on an accusation. They also want universal background check laws that are so broadly written that it could make it illegal to hold your partner’s gun while he crosses a fence.

These are what they call a good first step. One will occasionally admit what the last step they want is, as U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said, “Take them all.”

These are not the people I want making judgments about what is best for me or America.

Michael Bell

Cape Vincent

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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hermit thrush

to airball55: you are right. i was too hasty about exactly which white nationalist talking points trump has been beating the drum on. trump has talked repeatedly of an invasion, which the el paso shooter readily echoed, but trump hasn't explicitly broached replacement. please forgive my sloppiness about the exact contours of trump's white nationalism.


In some cases, prominent persons use expressions including the words "poor, criminal, and infested" in ways that the non right wing press infers to possibly be racist and some left wing opinion pundits conclude are definitely be racist. The people using those expressions tend to be Republicans. When black writers say "calling a mostly black city infested seems racist to me," you can hardly accuse that of being "the true racism."

The president's rhetoric is in fact part of a broad propaganda push that may inspire many shootings. It's still debatable whether these people are really mentally unstable. They're fanatical partisans blinded by zealotry, who see and care about a delusional picture of the worlds that is described to them rather than opening their eyes and making some effort to see reality or deal with their own lives. The propagandists seem more to blame. See sentence one of this paragraph.

Partial truths can be slanted. This is particularly distorting when you are brainwashed. When you say "we must stop the criminals coming across the border" in a way that infers most of those coming are criminals, it's clear that you are painting with a broad brush and you can't turn it around and say, "look, they don't want to stop criminals!"

What this adds up to is exaggeration and fearmongering. Some Democrats have some attitudes so they're an army of deplorables on the warpath. "If you are a marginal Trump supporter or NRA member they hate you and want to get you so you have to circle the wagons with us and become a hateful fanatic because that's you, they're coming to get you, be afraid." In fact, true, be afraid. We've had it. But seriously, the left wing press uses the same techniques so I recognize them. "Look, Steve King is a Republican so all Republicans are like Steve King!"

Then there are the word tricks. "Some of Trump's oppononents call him a white separatist," becomes "All of Trump's opponents call him a white separatist," because words are vague. The charges are unproven, though it looks fishy. Let's say he's happy to use them. And the final link in the chain of linguistic transformation brings us to, "Therefore if you supported Trump all the Democrats are convinced you're a White Separatist so they're coming to get you, so you had better join up or they'll get you." We're going to take your house and give you cancer. We have a list.

Democrats are used to Republicans who are very forthright. It's been quite nasty since we hated on Bush and you hated back on Obama. McConnell in particular was pretty nasty, as was the current president.

I think I'll get my information about red flag laws and universal background checks elsewhere than this letter and the media sources it is transcribed from. The nonexistent laws being depicted are straw men and as we all know straw men are evil and must die.

And finally, Diane Feinstein is one person. Democrats have a range of opinions on gun control (and "socialism"), and they are a real range of actual opinions, not merely different levels of honesty about true intentions. One example does not represent the class.


Mr. Bell seems comfortable in his Logic-free Zone.

hermit thrush

michael bell is living in a fantasy land.


How so?


Trump has paid fines of over $100,000 on three cases for incredibly racist business practices. Saying Trump is not racist is politically correct spin at its worst. Nearly 75% of deaths from terrorism in America come from Right wingers. The guy who shot up the Planned Parenthood to the guy shooting Mexicans in Wal-Mart. Facts have a well known liberal bias.


And racists have an unmistakable fascist tendency.


I wouldn't have wrote it the way the letter was writen but I understand his frustration. Listen, Trump has a ton of shortcoming coming from his personal life. Frankly, a lot of people with the career he has fall in this category. I am not a Trump supporter or non-supporter. Where I do agree with the writer is the double standard, the sheer hate his opponents spew day in day out for anyone that does not denounce him totally. Let's look at Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Two candidates for the highest law in the land. Two people who have no regard for truth or the constitution. Two people who accused Matt Kavanaugh without even waiting for due process. The FBI for crying out loud found nothing. Then we have the same two who still call the Michael Brown death (obviously unfortunate) a murder! Eric Holder, the FBI director at the time, investigated this incident and found nothing the police officer reacted justly and correctly yet these two still call it a murder and a race crime! So, as I go into my point, I agree with the writer that there may not be many in the current democratic field that would be a good choice. I personally am leaning more and more towards Biden but he seems to be showing his age a lot lately with mistakes in statements and what not. As Ben Carson stated, it's odd that we look towards politicians to solve our problems when they are the ones causing them. I saw where Bernie Sanders accused Trump of voter suppression by requiring ID. HUH? We use our ID every single day for cashing checks, DMV transactions and on and on. I don't think Mr. Sanders is even close to stating his real reasons for this "statement." So, is Trump morally fit to be our president?? In my eyes not a chance, but who then? Certainly not many that seem to want to run against him. So, our democrats capable of leading. I say yes as I say are some republicans, just not the ones we see on TV.


" Two people who have no regard for truth or the constitution."

Holy cow, you are saying Trump has a regard for truth and the Constitution? Incredible.


Just an FYI- Donald Trump had his daddy buy his way out of the Viet Nam Draft, then our draft dodger in chief refused to rent to black Viet Nam veterans. Trump and his father paid a $250,000 fine for that. That is one of the very many reasons people think Trump is racist. He appointed the only black man in his cabinet to a position that Trump wants to abolish, and Ben Carson has no experience in housing. The most recent Texas massacre, which did not happen in a Gun Free Zone, was inspired by Trump. Like virtually all mass shooters, there was a history of violence against women, which is why we need "red flag" laws. The person who wrote this letter votes, folks. SHow up in 2020.


It wouldn't let me comment here ya go!

1. Re-read my post, never said anything about Trump and the truth

2. Warren and Harris are liars, do we really need that again for 4 years?

3. Trump didn't inspire any shootings. Making this statement is analogous to saying Obama inspired the guy to flip out at the softball game that nearly killed Scalise.

Be better than some of the others on here.

hermit thrush

on 3: the el paso shooter wrote a whole manifesto full of the white nationalist "replacement" garbage routinely pumped out by trump. he literally wrote out a long explanation of why he's doing it and it's chock full of trump's talking points. for that reason the comparison to scalise's shooter falls apart.


Trump has never spoke about white nationalist replacement, stop it with your lies. Trump to his fault has not fixed the border issue that many before him, Obama, Clinton, Sanders, etc..have all campaigned as well on fixing. Move along, I tire of your division and hate sir. We need serious people to fix serious problems...who is going to do it? Harris, Trump, Sanders, Warren?? All of them are BS artists who are just looking for the next ego trip. Asking politicians to fix the very problems they have created is going well isn't it? Hope and Change...still waiting.


I will try this one more time. Trump has never said anything about white nationalist "replacement." This is a lie. The shooter that took aim at the Republican softball game had said on many occasions in his regard for republicans and their "scourge" similar to a comment regular on here you defend. That in itself speaks volumes. So I personally don't care what you think falls apart. Shameful


Deport republicans

Holmes -- the real one


In other words, ICE ICE baby.


Once again the liberals incite hate. How hypocritical.


Once again a Republican presents an uninformed opinion based on nothing.


I'm sure Mr. Bell will provide his Logic-free Zone address. You will be comfortable there.




I'll believe Trump is sincere about illegal immigration when he deports the First Hooker who came here under an "Einstein Visa". (Walking around with your shirt off doesn't take a lot of brains. Ask his other wives and paramours.)

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