All right, my fellow white Americans. It’s time we all put up or shut up.

We have been saved from the neo-fascist cancer on the presidency that is Donald Trump. And who came through for us? Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Detroit, Milwaukee, etc., with large blocks of Americans of color. Mexican Americans in Arizona and Nevada, African Americans living in the cities, Puerto Ricans living and voting here now, because Trump left their island devastated by hurricanes, tossing paper towels at them in contempt.

Citigroup, a major financial institution, estimated that discrimination against African Americans cost our economy $16 trillion over the last 20 years. Add the $7 trillion our wars have cost and it’s not hard to see why we can’t fix our country. There have been 60,000 suicides among my fellow veterans in the last decade, and that saddens me. And imagine yourself with a police knee on your neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.

Today, only 49% of us younger than 16 and are non-Hispanic Caucasians, and this age group begins to reach voting age in three years. That’s why the white supremacists let the virus run wild; 78% of younger Americans it kills being Black, Latinx or Native American. We must bring back the civil rights and peace activism of the 1960s, or Joe Biden will be a powerless figurehead against a GOP Senate.

Trump is the most successful 21st century American con artist. Call the north country what you want, but this is still the America I helped defend. And Trump is in the rear view mirror.

Roland Van Deusen


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Well, I wish to thank folks of color for delivering us from an evil. Period..

Charlie McGrath

Once again wackos like RVD have nothing substantive to say so they revert to the default racism and white supremacy. White shaming. I'm white because my ancestors were white. Black people are black because their ancestors were black. It's Trumps fault that biology has not been changed. If only Trump hadn't kept his knee on George Floyds neck. He made the mistake of putting in policies that lowered black unemployment, created economic opportunity zones in minority areas, and increased funding for historically black educational institutions. What kind of serious racist would take such contradictory actions? Thank God we got rid of someone who would do such things. Biden on the other hand understands racism because he knows that "poor kids are just as smart as white kids".

hermit thrush

trump didn't do anything special to lower black unemployment (which, like unemployment for everyone, fell steadily under obama and simply continued falling during trump's first three years). but otherwise you're kind of right. trump isn't a hardcore racist. he's not someone who lulls himself to sleep at night by repeating the 14 words. what a way to mount a defense of him.


14 wors? Whatever are you bloviating about? You're entirely wrong about who was responsible for lowering unemployment for blacks. But it works for your warped narrative. The black president with Ivy League daughters got it done and the orange man just rode the wave! We've heard that bogus line before. In reality, you want more people of color in poverty so you can be the savior.

hermit thrush


2) rather than running your mouth, actually do the work to look up the black unemployment rate. i will even make it easy for you: you can see that everything i said is completely correct. to give a little more context to the overall story, black unemployment bottomed out in the bush administration at 7.6% in august 2007. it then steadily rose as the great recession kicked in, rising to 12.7% when obama was inaugurated and peaking at 16.8% in march 2010. from there it steadily declined throughout the rest of of obama's term, to a final figure of 7.5% in january 2017. under trump it continued declining a bit more, reaching a low of 5.4% in august 2019.

again, look at the chart. most of the decline in the unemployment rate happened under obama, and trump came into office with the wind at his back. there's no discernible change in the trend once trump comes into office (or shortly thereafter). look at the evidence, not the trump cult narrative.

the suggestion that i want anyone to be in poverty is a gross, totally dishonorable smear. what a military wo/man you must have been, pb. utterly shameful.


One has to respect with your message CM...a good economy raises all boats... Trump's mistake wasn't his policies.. his wing nut crazy uncle antics...lack of empathy towards Covid... and mocking adversaries...some couldn't look past that.. It caused swing voters to vote Biden...along with some GOPer's... ..

hermit thrush

hundreds of children orphaned at the border might beg to differ with you about trump's policies. hundreds of thousands of people dead from covid (dead, not just suffering hurt feelings from a lack of empathy) might beg to differ with you about trump's policies. north korea is literally parading around new weapons and iran is closer to a nuke than ever before -- ah, yes, trump's policies!


Trump's mistake wasn't his policies.. his wing nut crazy uncle antics...lack of empathy towards Covid... and mocking adversaries...some couldn't look past that..

No, his policies were bad, too. And while he does lack empathy it might have been lack of interest. Who wants to listen to Fauci and all that epidemiology blah blah?

Why would anyone want to “ look past it?”


There are people dying of Covid who won’t even believe they have it because of Trump. He actively encouraged people not to wear masks, distance or do anything that health officials said to do. With a responsible adult president we likely would’ve had tens of thousands fewer deaths.

Because it shouldn’t be forgotten, Elise Stefanik helped make sure he didn’t get removed from office and replaced by Mike Pence who surely couldn’t have done a worse job.


Eagle said a couple of sensible things in his first post. Then...the urge to pile on gang style with Kr and hermit were too enticing! Then, the sensible comments stopped and the crazy wing nut comments began.


Kr needs to reread CMs post. Trumps policies improved the living conditions for the vast majority of this nation, despite Democrats resistance efforts for 4 years.


Trumps policies improved the living conditions for the vast majority of this nation,

Trump’s policies have left people, such as myself, socially isolating since the Ides of March. That’s the last day I was in church under normal conditions. That was over 8 months ago. Then there are others, not such as myself, who’ve thrown caution to the wind and purposely ignored the recommendations of public health officials. Why have they done this? Because if they wore a mask it would, for some reason, harm Trump’s fragile ego. He is the reason a large percentage don’t do the things we as a society should be doing.

I’m retired and spending a lot of time exercising, playing guitar, meditating, reading the Stoics and reading more about Trump and Covid than I should. I’m grateful that himself, center of the Universe, has decided to hole up and just pout for the last 2 months of his presidency. 😊 Soon, he’ll be gone and the vaccines will be available and this too will have passed.

If you want to look at the country with over 10 million infections and over 250,000 deaths, many unnecessary, and say Trump improved “living conditions” that’s fine. Let’s check back on January 20th for the condition of hospitals in the Midwest. Yeah, except for trying wish, lie and ignore away a deadly virus he did a great, sorry GREAT, job.


Then, the sensible comments stopped and the crazy wing nut comments began.

As the Dude says, “ That’s just like your opinion, man.”

I could say your opinions are crazy, wingnut whatever when you’re here praising your orange leader for the fantastic job he’s done on the day after we hit 250,000 deaths. You seem to have blinders for that. So far, you don’t seem to have gone full Rudy. Keep trying!

hermit thrush

it is completely telling that people objected to eagle's comment by making specific, substantive points, and pb has no substance of his/her own to offer besides vague invocations of trump's "policies." the problems here in his/her view are that 1) multiple people objected to eagle and 2) the substantive points undergirding those objections make trump look bad, and hence they are "crazy wing nut comments."

as always with pb, there's nothing here except his own partisanship. if an argument or fact makes trump or republicans look good, then it's good; otherwise it's bad. if you think that arguments should be evaluated on their own merits, independent of their implications for partisan politics, then you are not welcome in republican circles, and indeed they will just look at you cross-eyed as though you're speaking a different language.

as a point of fact, trump's economic record prior to the pandemic was fine but hardly any different than what you would have gotten under a third obama term. don't just take my word for it, look at the evidence:

The answer, it turns out, is that economic progress actually slowed a bit under President Trump — and that is even before taking into account the effects of the COVID crisis. We arrive at this answer by looking at a variety of metrics, in the hopes of capturing a holistic look at the economy, and by comparing their performance under this administration to that of the three years that preceded President Trump.

of course, the claim that as of right now people's lives have been improved under trump, when he has catastrophically mismanaged the pandemic and overseen a death rate much worse than almost every other country on earth, is completely perverse. diehard republicans truly have placed their minds in an alternate reality.


Another Roland rant....about the only thing worth reading is POTUS is/or will be in the rear view mirror... the rest is just dancing in the end zone...and not helpful at this point... We need collective efforts by everyone to push back Covid... politics will come and go..


PB...sensible then wingnut comments?? Want wingnut? Here's a few.. "we've "turned the corner"... "it's going away".. "it's like a miracle, it'll just disappear"....“Coronavirus numbers are looking MUCH better, going down almost everywhere,” and cases are “rounding the final turn” “coming way down.” “99%” of COVID-19 cases are “totally harmless.” and my personal favorite.....“I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning? " THIS is stuff you can't make up... and choose to ignore... Trump is making Nixon look good..



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