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A few weeks ago on March 6, the front doors to the Norwood post office were damaged when a car was accidently driven into the facility. These doors now have to be replaced.

The doors were never handicap accessible to the standard that other post offices are. Specifically, a person in a wheelchair could not independently gain access to the Norwood post office. There were other handicap accessible issues with those doors.

Now would have been a perfect time to replace the doors with ones that automatically open. But in my recent discussion with the postmaster, that will not be the case. The plan is that the new doors will be the same as the old doors.

I find this unacceptable. I asked the postmaster for a contact in the U.S. Postal Service to make my concerns known, and he said he cannot give me that information. More or less he said, “Don’t call them. They’ll call you.”

I find this unacceptable as well. The U.S. Postal Service and the owner of the building have a lease, and I asked if that lease could be accessed.

He said he had no access to the lease. If he has no access to it, I’m sure the general public doesn’t either.

It would be great to get some answers without all the “formalities.” As citizens and USPS customers, we have a right to know and our concerns taken into serious consideration.

Joseph M. Liotta


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A small community in the state of Oregon was receiving about 660 dollars a month to operate their post office. Seems the postmaster wanted more and asked for it. USPS shut down the post office, apparently couldn't give the small facility more operating funds. I recall when the Norwood Post Office was next to the Norwood Bakery in a tiny cubby hole. The new location next to the bank was the former Norwood Inn and bowling alley. However I do agree with Joe.


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