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I read your June 4 editorial (“Lack of leadership: Trump has done more to divide the nation than to console it”) about President Donald Trump’s response to recent riots and other criminal behavior (e.g., killing people).

The president took six key positions:

n He agreed that the killing of George Floyd was totally unacceptable.

n He agreed that the perpetuators of this tragedy should face swift, appropriate punishment.

n He agreed that peaceful protest was appropriate to address illegal law enforcement actions.

n He opposed any and all looting of private property.

n He opposed any and all burning of businesses.

n And he opposed any and all injuring or killing of innocent citizens.

For some reason, you did not clearly identify all of the president’s actual positions, did not explain why you disagreed with any of the above six positions and instead called the above positions “divisive.” A well-known moral tale we learn is childhood is that the pot should not be calling the kettle black.

If you are genuinely concerned about divisiveness in our country, set an example by not attacking our elected leader, accurately represent his position, give him full credit for what he is trying to do right and make constructive, realistic suggestions for improvements.

John Droz Jr.

Brantingham Lake

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Mr. Droz- Can you substantiate ANY of your statements about Trump's positions? There do not seem to be any media or other reports that support with your claims.

PPS: You're not "the Donald" spoofing us, are you?

keyser soze

It looks as though John Droz Jr. has been suckered by a second rate con that renders meaningless lip service and little else.

Aside from the fact that the Dotard is a mentally incapacitated, pathological deceitful coward, why would anyone trust anything that comes out of his lying mouth?

He's lied about how much money he received from his father, his wealth, the value of properties, the number of floors in Trump Tower, his inauguration crowd size, his popular vote count, the number of jobs Ivanka supposedly created, and on and on and on…..

Trump alters facts to match what his fragile ego "feels" is true for him. He couldn't be trusted to give you accurate change at a neighborhood lemon-aid stand let alone matters of magnitude.

Sorry Mr. Droz, but just because you are foolish enough to fall for this clown’s BS it doesn’t mean the rest of us are.


Is buying full page ads in the New York Times demanding the execution of young men after they were acquitted of any involvement in an assault possibly a hint as to the character of the racist, Natzi supporter hiding in the Oval Office?

hermit thrush

mr. droz left out the part where trump had peaceful protesters teargassed to clear the way for a photo op at a church near the white house. a priest at the church even got gassed.



Farmer Liz

Trump has said very little about the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, compared to his rants about looting and protesting. Looting basically stopped early on in the protests, which he should have been SUPPORTING, not attacking. He is the most divisive "president" we have ever had in my lifetime. I am shocked that John Droz has supported this sorry excuse for a leader.




"concerned about divisiveness in our country, set an example by not attacking our elected leader"

Is this an example Trump set himself? I thought Trump used his billions to spread the racist like that Obama was born in Kenya? Does this letter writer have the ability to recognize himself in a mirror?

Trump outspent Obama in his first term, and brags about cheating on all three of his wives with adult film stars. Republicans are clearly not the party of "family values" and "fiscal conservatism".



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