Politics as usual is horrible for our country

Oops! Someone forgot to do his homework.

The author of the Dec. 1 editorial (“Prayers — and thoughts: Religious organizations need to be responsible with services”) obviously did not do his homework, nor has he attended a religious service in months.

The comparison of “shops and grocery stores” to churches, at least in the Diocese of Ogdensburg, is flawed.

The editorial states “congregants are inclined to sit close together.”

Wrong! Congregants sit in every other pew, 6 feet apart and wear masks.

Singing is with masks on, and there is no choir present.

Virtual services have been offered for months.

These facts probably make attending religious services more safe than shopping in a supermarket or other “sanctioned” locations and activities.

Do your homework before pontificating!

Frances M. Leon


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Exactly Francis! Thanks for straightening this out.


The editorial writer didn't have to do his or her homework.

The editorial spoke to religious institutions collectively, given their collective association with the recent Supreme Court case, and the increased freedom they collectively won to move or act. The Diocese of Ogdensburg, as a religious institution, necessarily participates in the collective features of the Supreme Court case.

You seem indignant to have been spoken to collectively. After all, the Diocese of Ogdensburg's COVID precautions are extraordinaire. But the reality is that you are a participant in a collective order. The collective order has generated COVID incidences across the country that have imperiled public health. Do you care about them? Do you care about the people they have sickened and the lives lost? Or do you only care about diocesan and Catholic COVID things?

Now is not the time to extol your diocesan or Catholic COVID virtues, or to distinguish your faith's COVID virtuosity. If you care about the good of all, you will acquiesce to editorial exhortations meant to improve the COVID virtuosity of the collective order. You are a member of it. Because you are, you have a duty to foster its virtuosity. Your virtuosity doesn't alleviate you from your duty to foster the collective virtuosity.

We're talking about a global pandemic, and you're being inappropriately insular. Care less about things diocesan and Catholic, and care more about the good of all. The all encompassing "humanity" of such a stance will save more lives and, who knows, its profound act of love might appeal to the editorial writer, inclining him to attend church.


Wow, great comment.

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