The year is 2020; a historic pandemic has hit the world; businesses are shutting down at unprecedented levels; we are more controlled then we have ever been; and there are people who are considering moving us back and rescinding progress that this great country has made by voting blue .

We are facing such an important election year in 2020. We need to ensure all Republican nominees are voted to their respective offices to continue the progress we’ve made.

Before the pandemic, our economy was roaring; unemployment was decreasing; and Americans were confident again, something we hadn’t seen under Democratic leadership. We need to ensure that we get that back this year. Vote for President Donald Trump and U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik. We need to keep Republicans in office and Keep America Great!

Brianna Bates


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Things were going great in 2016, too. Apparently people don't vote based on the economy. They vote based on flattery and rumors. So wise. You guys are really discerning.

hermit thrush

i genuinely don't get how anyone can be so sycophantic and obsequious to any politician, let alone donald trump. is the letter writer going to pledge her first-born child to him?


Thank you President Obama. Shame on the Republicans

Joseph Savoca

Joseph Savoca

Here is a link to the U. S. Bureau of Economic Analysis listing of change in GDP by quarter. Anybody can check to find two consecutive quarters of negative GDP indicating recession and finding who was president at the time. See if there is a pattern.


Per usual these pro-Trump, Stefanik letters short in length, void of content, and come from an alternate reality. Sure....under Trump life has been double plus supergood. The guy who presided over 209000 American deaths and who has COVID now due to his own vainglorious narcissism and stupidity needs to be reelected. This author needs to read Orwell's 1984. I don't think America can withstand four more years of such "progress."


something we hadn’t seen under Democratic leadership

Barack Obama inherited the Great Recession from the most previous Republican president before Trump, George W. Bush. As an example of Republican behavior at the time, they were willing to let the US auto industry die. The economy was improving up to and including when Trump took office. He was riding the coattails of the Obama economy when he decided to lie about the virus in order to try and keep the markets up.

To recap: God willing Joe Biden is going to win this election and inherit the worst health crisis since the Spanish flu. This is after the Republican president immediately prior to Trump left the worst economy since the Great Depression. God help us if we ever put a Republican in the WH again!




You know, KR, you keep saying that Bush caused the Great Recession. Do your research. The recession was caused by Democrats requiring lending institutions to loan to people who couldn't pay the loans back. Think of a Barney Frank masterpiece. This led to banks selling derivatives to help ensure the success of these investments. When the derivatives market collapsed, the ripple effects took us all down. The road to liberal h*ll is paved with good intentions.


Do your research. It happened when Bush was president so he gets the blame for it. I’m supposing you give Trump full credit for the economy. I mean the roaring economy that started the minute he took office and only ended when the ChinaCuomoPelosi Virus ended it.


I’m not getting into a discussion of an administration from 20 years ago when I’m looking at one everyday that is bad on an apocalyptic scale.


Keep researching PB... the 108th congress was controlled along with the White House after the 2004 elections by Republicans.. that changed in 2008.. with control of congress going Democratic.. again, elections have consequences.. It recovered In February 2009 President Barack Obama proposed a $787 billion economic stimulus package, designed to spur consumer spending and restore confidence...

hermit thrush

pb, it is a right-wing lie that the great recession was caused by institutions being forced to lend to unqualified buyers.


Well I agree with one thing you said. "God help us."


Before the pandemic, our economy was roaring; unemployment was decreasing; and Americans were confident again

Yes, Mrs. Lincoln. Other than that, how was the play?

I guessing, or hoping, this letter was written before Friday. In any case, the letter writer leaves out that Trump took such a cavalier attitude towards the virus that it spread to the point that we are the number one country in the world for deaths and cases. Trump’s WH isn’t even able to keep it out. They shame and bully people working there who try to take proscribed measures to protect themselves. The GOP has become the Superspreader Party by politicizing a virus. Fox News propagandists talk like Trump got the virus going into hand to hand combat with it. He got it by being reckless.

Stefanik has been reckless with it as well. She attended the Tulsa rally and was seen sans mask. She’s also held events in the district that seem to be mask and distancing optional.

The letter writer can be part of the Republican virus cult. I’m voting for responsible adults in government. Right now we need them more than ever. The idea that we could put a rodeo clown who played a billionaire on TV into the Oval Office and it would be entertaining and do no harm has passed. And it’s time for the Demagogue’s Apprentice in the North Country to go, too.


Oh no, Henry Penny. Not "sans mask". (Actually I love it when you speak French.)


Yeah, well don’t expect a voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

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