Humans were not prepared for COVID-19

Whether you are a senator, representative, Republican, Democrat, president or candidate, where are we headed with the lack of civility toward one another?

Enough is enough. I for one am sick and tired of hearing the speaker of the House insult the president, the president insult the speaker or candidates insulting the president or each other.

It must stop. I as an American demand that it stop. We need to stop for a moment and see where this sort of behavior has gotten, down to the average citizen, toward each other.

I will not participate, and I ask each of you to stand up and do the same. Let’s be kind to one another. We need to demand civility among our elected officials starting today, right now.

Mike Cannan

Port Leyden

Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Why would anyone pay to look at a bunch of dashes that WDT pretends are a letter from a subscriber?

This is a FARCE.

hermit thrush

a kind of counterpoint:


Time to lock up the republican party. They are a threat to our democracy. There, was that civil enough?

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