Article portrayed harmful addiction roots

I am very proud of being an honor graduate (Highest Distinction) of one of the few major universities (University of Virginia) that has a student run Honor system. One episode of lying, cheating (e.g. plagiarism) or stealing does not lead to a failing grade — it leads to a lifetime expulsion. Four years of living under this system instilled values of honesty, which I believe I upheld at my job as a licensed psychologist (now retired) and with my family.

Fast forward to the last four years of Donald Trump and the last year of being represented by Elise Stefanik. Outright lies about facts and disregarding correct information are beyond reprehension and too often have become the norm for Donald and Elise. Enabling another person to lie is just as bad. Olympic champion Allyson Felix recently said “the biggest thing … is when you go out and do something, you do it with character and you do it with integrity.”

Now my theme is “when you start with a lie,” you undermine democracy.

Recently, Elise started with a lie and claimed that Nancy Pelosi was responsible for the horror of the Jan. 6 insurrection as Elise maintained that Pelosi failed to arrange security that day. The Watertown Daily Times quickly pointed out that this is a total lie.

Elise started with another lie that Joe Biden was complicit in the nursing home deaths last year in New York as President “Biden’s justice dept” did not investigate them. First, Biden was a private citizen last year when these deaths happened. Second, unlike the last four years, it is the citizen’s Justice Derpartment, not President Bidens.

Elise starts with lies by never contradicting Trump’s daily lies about the election last year. For instance, a conservative GOP state official in Michigan by the name of Ed McBroom thoroughly investigated every election fraud claim made and found zero evidence of fraud. Trump responded by berating this man and publishing his phone number — which, as Trump knew, would elicit death threats. Elise never corrected Trump’s claims and thus enabled his lies.

The claims of needs for “election integrity,” to have partisan voting recounts months after the elections and to allow state legislators (see Georgia) to throw out local election officials starts with election fraud lies and Elise supports and enables these lies.

Far too often Elise starts with lies and hurts democracy. Her allegiance has far too often been to one man rather than truth and the U.S. Constitution.

Wiliam Kimball


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hermit thrush

to be honest, i think the real problem isn't that elise has devolved into a serial liar. it's that her voters love it.


Great letter, Mr. Kimball. But if NY 21 returns her to Congress the implicit message will be that we are willing to continue tolerating her behavior. What we need is a well-organized, well-spoken, reasonable and well-funded candidate who can relegate her back to being a private citizen. Short of that, we are all lumped in with Trump, the My Pillow Guy and (gulp) Elise Stefanik.


All the Republicans who put no effort into putting forth better GOP candidates than Stefanik and Trump are responsible for their lies. That is many of you out there, who say that you wish you had better candidates but did nothing to make that happen. Voting for Stefanik and Trump makes you complicit. Who is your role in the 1//6 insurrection?


Nailed it... Trump would be POTUS today if he had wasn't his policies that cost him the a Reagan type candidate in 2024 who isn't a stranger to the truth...doesn't make crude and insulting comments...the GOP will be back in the Whitehouse...

Pat Luppens

The GOP has become a religion. The true believers swallow the lies and beg for more.

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