We now know where Elise Stefanik stands

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik must think her constituents are profoundly stupid. Why else would she allow herself to be a pawn of the GOP by attacking the impeachment proceedings instead of doing her constitutional duty to pay close attention to the evidence being presented and to protect the checks and balances of power between branches of our government?

We are not at all fooled by Stefanik’s lame attempts to distract the public from the facts of President Donald Trump’s bribery, which, according to the evidence, was clearly meant to force the Ukraine government to investigate his political rival. Rep. Stefanik’s failure to do her duty is shameful, embarrassing and downright infuriating. We in the 21st Congressional District need a representative with integrity, one who will speak truth to power rather than act as a self-serving political hack.

Karen Hall


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Note to Dutchman2: the word you wanted as a modifier of “point” in your post is “moot”, not “mute”.


sorry........never a very good speller

Honest Abe

I hope to be able to put and "ex" in front of references to U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik after the election. What does she stand for? She has surrendered whatever integrity she may have had. Closing one's eyes does not make the truth go away. Repeating lies over and over does not change the truth.

Holmes -- the real one


I am just wondering about the "has become" part in the "Elise Stefanik has become a pawn of the GOP" header here.

Are we supposed to think that Stefanik's behavior is somehow new?

hermit thrush


i am perpetually baffled by this very prevalent idea that elise somehow used to be "better," or that she's a "pawn" of paul ryan, or that sort of thing. no, she's a grown adult. this is who she's always been.

hermit thrush

good letter. looking forward to another round of gaslighting from elise's fan club.


Republicans would be totally cool if several of Obama’s inner circle plead guilty to felonies and Obama used Kenya to dig up dirt on John McCain. Just as Republicans are not racist because if Obama has five kids by three different women (like Trump) Republicans would have class and stay silent. (Ha Ha!)


This whole impeachment inquiry would be a mute point if the democrats could present a viable candidate for president. Since it is a cast of looney- tune characters, the democratic party has to push for the impeachment. It's a sad corner they've backed themselves into and unless they are successful with the impeachment, or finding a good candidate for president (chances are slim for both), they're probably doomed to defeat next November.

hermit thrush

alright! that is some pretty good gaslighting!

the rcp polling average has biden +9.9 over trump.

also it's not a moot point even if dems had the second coming of fdr on the ballot. trump is only going to stop doing crimes if congress stands up to him. it is too bad that people like you abandon your conscience to keep cheering him on.


Sorry Hermit, but I don't believe I cheered forTrump. I'm only pointing out that all the dems have to do is get a good candidate to run for president.

hermit thrush

you are right, dutchman2, and i apologize. i misremembered your commenting record. you're on the conservative side of things, but you're not a trump cheerleader. i should have checked before opening my mouth. apologies.


dutchman, you're absolutely correct. I would love nothing more than to have a great democratic candidate who go up against Trump and defeat him. But, like you, I don't see that happening.

hermit thrush

bernie sanders is up +8.5 in the rcp polling average. at this point in 2015 hillary clinton was only up +0.6 (although to be fair the polls were a little weird at exactly that time -- a month before and a month after her lead was in the +4.5-5.5 range). don't forget that she barely lost.


Yes, none are as good as Trump, who inherited $200 million and went bankrupt 4 times. Business genius.

hermit thrush

also, don't forget the massive tax fraud involved in inheriting that money.


My suggestion is Elise, and the GOP reads "The Restless Wave"...J McCain.. ".... Mimic JM.....I don't see that happening..“Senator Lindsey Graham once described his friend John McCain as someone who would ‘run across the street to get in a good fight.’ McCain’s final battle came straight to him. I’m not talking about the one against brain cancer…I’m talking about the one against Donald Trump. He wages it in a forthcoming book, The Restless Wave...McCain has always believed, to his core, in sacrifice, honor and allegiance to something larger than oneself…Such grace is unimaginable from Trump. That’s why it’s so vital that McCain is using his waning time to model it.” —Frank Bruni, The New York Times"

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