Unvaxxed nurses should leave profession

I read with interest your editorial on Ogdensburg Mayor Jeffrey Skelly stopping a meeting because someone was making faces (“Where are the adults? Mayor stops a meeting because someone was ‘making faces,” Our View, Aug. 10). First off I agree with you it was ridiculous to do so.

But wait; how about the outrage over supposed name-calling or people getting fired for something they wrote or said years ago? Really, we all would be out of work. Then there’s the outrage over Mr. Potato Head or is it Mrs. or just X? How about tearing down statues because we thought Columbus was a racist? The Cleveland Indians … oops, I mean the Guardians.

I could go on and on forever; I’m sure you get my point. The whole country is getting ridiculous. That’s why they call this era the Snowflake.

Everyone is offended by everything, even faces. Some of the old ways were the best. Stick and stones will break my bones, but names and faces will never hurt me! But at least I’ve given you lots of material for future editorials. As Pat Summitt would say, “Toughen up, Buttercup!”

Alan Wood

Cape Vincent

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Tommy P

"Some of the old ways were the best"? The old ways when straight, white men ran the show and everyone else was mocked, ignored, harassed, and denied respect and opportunity? Your "names will never hurt me" and "toughen up" remarks show the ridiculous, juvenile, outmoded attitude that keeps a 1950s attitude, sadly, still alive in 2021. Get off your Howdy Doody-era high horse and have some respect for the dignity and value of other human beings.

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