City Council preserved this land for history

Thank, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, for releasing the Jan. 6 video files. I find it amazing how much of a stir it has created in D.C.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s glasses were steaming. Those who took the oath to support the U.S. Constitution are exposing themselves.

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She's back

There are over 40,000 hours of capital hill footage from the Jan 6th riot. There is over an hour of the Q Anaon inspired Riotor. All of the footage involving Chamsley has been seen by his lawyers and by the presiding Judge. The Judge was concerned enough by what he saw that he felt Chamsley to be a dangerous individual.

Tucker Carlson had access to all that footage plus footage from the rioters themsleves ... and he showed about 4 minutes of it. That hardly proves that he was " innocent".

I hope that you have also viewed video such as the police officer being crushed in a doorway by the crazed mob. And surely you watched the Jan6th committee . A person should not give an opinion until they have actually reviewed as much evidence as possible .

This site does not let me post links. ACTUAL news organizations are getting access to some of the footage that has not already been seen.... Try Changing the channel from Fox and you will surely see some . or go look up some Utube videos

hermit thrush

unfortunately people in the maga base are willing to gaslight themselves into believing anything.


The author buys the Fox news story.... that it was a merely a self guided tour...ignoring the 130 who already pleaded guilty to felony crimes..over a thousand charged, and more to come. No mention of Pence's comments " his(Trump) reckless words endangered my family and everyone at the Capitol that day, and I know history will hold Donald Trump accountable.” Even Fox owner, Murdoch, under oath admitted they endorsed false claims...and "went too far".. Jan 6 was reported live, we all saw it... I don't need anyone to interpret that happened...

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