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Please don’t do this. Don’t resume in-person schooling. We will certainly kill a lot of people who don’t need to die. We won’t kill any students, most likely. We will kill only a few teachers and school staff, probably less than a dozen (in St. Lawrence County). But we will kill a lot of other people in the community by spreading the novel coronavirus all over.

We have been lucky here in St. Lawrence County so far. We have fewer cases per capita than our Canadian neighboring counties to the north. We have provided excellent hospital care to those unfortunates who have come down with COVID-19 and have achieved a relatively low death rate.

But we should not become overconfident. Reopening society has proven foolhardy and lethal elsewhere. Our bars and restaurants need to remain closed. And schools should not reopen.

The colleges are dangerous enough, mixing students from all over the country, or the world, just doesn’t make sense. I cannot imagine what loving parent would even send their child to the United States right now. But college students at least can self-quarantine and not see their parents and grandparents.

Our school children, on the other hand, will go home every day, bringing with them whatever diseases they encounter. And most of the children infected will have no symptoms at all. If we could check each one of them every day for the coronavirus with a perfectly reliable test then it might be safe to resume classes. But we do not have that technology yet, not by a long shot.

I don’t understand the decision to reopen schools. I realize that daycare is a problem for many families whose parents work, but those parents have been doing something to solve that problem for months now. I realize that social programming uses schools to achieve its goals. But this can, and should, be done on a case-by-case basis.

They can’t make you send your child to school, so please don’t. Our family will not be sending our children to school. I urge you, if at all possible, to keep your kids at home. As for teachers and bus drivers, good luck — and God bless.

Dr. Gregory Healey


The writer operates Healey Medical Practice in Canton.

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Charlie McGrath

Dr. When should we reopen? I'm sure you know. I understand the "science" changes daily so it will be a difficult decision. Are you gainfully employed or are you locked down at home? Do you have daycare? Can you pay your bills? Are you qualified to teach children at home? Real teachers have to have Masters degrees in education to be qualified to teach children effectively. I think many are anxious to know when we can assume daily activities.




BTW Charlie I rebutted your post regarding deliberate destruction. I hope you continue the discussion.


You can't stand dissenting opinion can you.


You're a typical rank and file republican. You all know more than the people who have dedicated their whole lives to an issue.

hermit thrush

how about reopening when it's safe to do so?


Charlie. All solid questions and points. Ignore the hateful posts here. I would like to hear the doctor answer some of these questions. I am not agreeing or disagreeing with him. However, most folks can’t stay home with the kids and whatnot. Valid all the way sir. The science is always moving.


This is an eye opener.

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