Medicare for All could save people money

Thank God there is someone who has some common sense.

The first article I saw and read when I opened my newspaper this morning was the article about the Thompson Park pool appearing to be dead in the water (doomed) — no pun intended! That was music to my ears.

This should be an omen or at least a big wake-up call to the Watertown City Council members. I have said it before, and I will say it again: We do not need another pool in our city of Watertown.

It seems to me that another pool would be a huge extravaganza, especially when — if we are lucky — the pools are open for six to seven weeks a year.

This is ridiculous, really!

Pools are a luxury, not a necessity. The splash pad is a very nice addition to Thompson Park.

If the council members want to do some nice things for the city, vote to fix the city roads that are always being patched every spring and are horrible all winter — the patch work doesn’t cut it!

It would be really nice if we could get curbs back again.

A street looks so much better when the curbs are added.

Claudia Williams


Johnson Newspapers 7.1

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Agree about the pool. It would be so nice, but we can't have all we want. Should never have build the hockey facility. We need to be going to a lower maintenance city, not doing things shoddily, but winding down extravagances. We can't be sure of being able to afford things in the future. We fall for the sunk cost fallacy of designing it and then having to accept a least worst bid because we've spent so much already. Why can't we get bids based on a simpler set of specs, which would be cheaper to produce, and let the winning bidder produce the detailed design work as part of the cost of the project? As for curbs, though, don't they make it harder to plow fully?


Thank you for your letter. As a long time city resident, I could not agree more!!!

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